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    • The largest francophone platform for exchange and practical tools, open to professionals and amateurs who are passionate about 3D design
    • Advice, tutorials, tips and tricks on the CAD world
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Lynkoa, a space for more exchange, sharing and empowering for your business !

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    • For all those who are directly or peripherally interested in 3D design software: designers, industrialists, entrepreneurs, students, developers, etc.
    • For advanced users, experts and beginners, stuck in their use or proud of their ideas
    • For fans of Dassault Systèmes solutions, SOLIDWORKS and all industrial design software
    • For those convinced of the power of sharing experiences and continuous learning
    • For experts who practice accessibility, for curious people who want to improve, for pragmatists who value experience and for entrepreneurs who believe that openness boosts their business.



The Lynkoa community is based on a simple, time-tested principle :

collaborating, interacting and empowering.