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Inspiring the enterprise of tomorrow and anticipating its challenges by multiplying synergies.

Ecological and social transition, data security, process fluidity... Today, more than ever, companies are facing numerous challenges and must prove their ability to evolve.


With an offer based on 3 pillars, we assist our customers so that they can grow their long-term potential:


  • Consult: advise and assist our clients from the first day;
  • Engage: integrate the selected solutions of our partners and publish our own software packages and thus provide them with tools adapted to succeed in their digital transformation;
  • Connect: help them to develop their network and to interact with their peers.

Stock market course

Visiativ has been listed on Euronext Growth Paris since 2014 (FR0004029478, ALVIV).

Provisional financial calendar

These dates are given as an indication and may be subject to change if necessary. All publications will be issued after close of trading on Euronext Paris


    Full-year 2023 revenue


    Full-year 2023 results


    Q1 2024 revenues


    Annual General Meeting


    Q2 2024 revenues


    H1 2024 results


    Q3 2024 revenues


    Full-year 2024 revenue


    Full-year 2024 results

Financial communications

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  • Le 24/04/2024

    Revenue up +5% in Q1 2024

    ARR from SaaS subscriptions up +45% to €43.4m at end-March 2024

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  • Le 04/04/2024

    ABGi confirms its position as market leader in innovation management and funding consulting

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  • Le 19/03/2024

    2023 annual results: up 7%

    Growth in revenue of +7% in 2023, with SaaS subscriptions up by a substantial +69%

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