A solution for managing production operations

Collaborate, model, optimise and execute operations with DELMIA


Integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the DELMIA suite enables you to design and test the stages of the production cycle in a simulated production environment.


By simulating design, production, logistics, operators and processes, it becomes possible to identify the ideal organisation and validate the options to be taken for optimal productivity according to the constraints and resources of each moment.


DELMIA meets production challenges in :


  • Machining: programming the behaviour of CNC machines
  • Robotics: carrying out accessibility studies and interaction analyses between robotic equipment and facilitating their programming
  • Ergonomics: testing working conditions and ensuring the safety of team members
  • Process planning: designing and optimising lean manufacturing systems
  • Collaborative manufacturing: identify optimised, simplified and more efficient processes


With the DELMIA suite, you can efficiently plan, produce and manage all your resources, from personnel through production to delivery to the customer.


Visiativ Innovation Engine

DELMIA is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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