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Digitalise your business processes to optimise the way you manage your real estate assets

Just like many other business sectors or company departments, real estate asset managers (property managers, facility managers, asset managers, etc.) are facing new challenges. To meet these challenges, they need to accelerate their digital transformation in order to reinvent their models and adapt quickly to the changes affecting the sector.


Buildings are now becoming 360° service platforms that cater to the hybrid working methods and the new usages of occupants and real estate professionals. At the same time, the responsible property sector is developing (building decarbonisation) and encourages virtuous asset management that’s in line with environmental, societal and governance requirements.


Visiativ Property Management is the solution that empowers property professionals to optimise building management and occupancy while guaranteeing the best services levels to occupants.


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“The Visiativ Property Management portal helps us manage our businesses. Ultimately, we expect to go further than we had originally planned.”

La plateforme IWMS de Visiativ

Visiativ Property Management IWMS


Manage a single, scalable and shared property database


IWMS has been Visiativ Property Management’s core business for almost 20 years. The Visiativ Property Management IWMS platform includes all the tools you need to manage buildings, occupants and processes, and to meet the challenges that every Facility Manager faces.

It includes Smart Building technologies that improve the daily life of property managers and facilitate real estate assets optimisation.


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Visiativ Property Management BUILT


Master the way you manage your buildings’ regulatory files at a glance.


Property management is based on the efficient monitoring of multiple regulatory files relating to your business and your properties: monitoring HSE compliance, monitoring regulatory controls, financial management, risk and insurance documentation, etc.

The BUILT solution, a meeting point between Visiativ and MomentUp and a digital innovation accelerator, is dedicated to regulatory file management for buildings.


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Visiativ Innovation Engine

Visiativ Property Management is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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Accelerate your business transformation

Take full control of all your transformation projects by arbitrating actions according to issues and priorities, all visualized in a dynamic roadmap.

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Taking control of your IT security

Manage the protection of your data and systems to ensure the sustainability of your business and ecosystem.

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Transform customer experience with omnichannel service

Deliver 24/7 omnichannel customer service to facilitate interaction with your customers and resellers.

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