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With Visiativ, accelerate your innovation and design to give your company a head start

Digitalising your product development cycle to innovate effectively


Manufacturers have always been assessed on their ability to innovate and design products and machines. Even more so today, as the pace of innovation accelerates, time-to-market shrinks, and adaptability to market demand becomes a key factor in competitiveness. Innovation and design, strategic positions in the Industry of the Future!


Research and innovation are vital for your company to improve its processes and efficiency, design new and better products and services for the market, and support your growth


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of innovative companies have less than 20 employees


of SMEs operate an innovation and R&D team


of turnover is related to the sale of new products

Your challenges

Boost your innovation and consolidate your sustainable growth


Whether it’s hydrogen, electric vehicles, agriculture, biomedicine or electronic components, innovation is reshuffling the cards across all markets. Competition has toughened because of easy access to new technologies and the opportunities provided by digital for business development and knowledge sharing.


Without a doubt, it is innovative processes, products and services that create value for companies and boost their competitiveness through new and creative solutions for sustainable development and growth.


Innovation managers, design offices and designers; your challenges are many:

    • Accelerating your ability to innovate through the right digital tools and uses
    • Streamlining the processes connecting the different design and innovation players in your company
    • Optimising collaboration between businesses, creating a culture of communication, flexibility and adaptability around the product
    • Facilitating the design stages and thinking ahead of production start-up to accelerate time-to-market
    • Innovating with sustainability as the goal
    • Gaining in global competitiveness, striving for excellence


In view of this, it is essential to make your R&D process sustainable in order to facilitate financing, improve processes, accelerate the design of sustainable and profitable products, and more.

The benefits of successful innovation


Your business needs are broadening and now include user experience and feedback from the product design stage onwards to respond effectively and quickly to requirements and also to accelerate innovation and design while adopting more responsible practices and objectives.

Create a unique position for your products

Innovation empowers you to think ahead of changes in the market and to act rather than react to upheavals. A successful product development process improves your market position by making your products stand out from the competition. You need to analyse market trends, stay attentive to your ecosystem (customers, suppliers, etc.) and monitor your international competitors.

Complying with your CSR commitments​

Today, all innovation must include an ecological and social dimension if it is to generate value and ensure sustainable growth. Whether it’s improving operational efficiency through streamlined order processing or reducing machine and staff downtime, the aim should be to curb waste and costs in order to generate better margins, customer service and competitiveness

Including the user experience

By investing in product innovation and process efficiency, your company stands out because of its performance and the added value it brings to your customers, thereby boosting sales and brand loyalty.

Increase employee engagement

Taking pride in your products improves productivity and promotes an attitude of constructive leadership.

Our clients innovate

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Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.


For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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Visiativ Quality Management

Meet regulatory requirements

Digitize your quality approach to better managequality processes, meet regulatory requirements and increase customer satisfaction.


Consulting PDM & PLM

Suceed in your product development cycle

Deploy your SOLIDWORKS PDM and PLM 3DEXPERIENCE projects with confidence to achieve your business objectives


Range Visiativ PLM

Reducing time-to-market

Innovate and increase the efficiency of your industrial process through collaboration throughout the product life cycle.

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Range Visiativ myCADservices Premium

Increase productivity in the product design cycle

Automate repetitive tasks with dozens of applications dedicated specifically to design and engineering departments.

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Design in 3D with intuitive and high-performance tools

Design your parts and assemblies with the complete SOLIDWORKS suite to turn your ideas into ground-breaking products.

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Perform virtual tests under realistic conditions

Benefit from a suite of recognized simulation solutions in all disciplines: structure, fluids, dynamics, process optimization...

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Range Markforged

Print strong and robust parts with ease

3D printers designed for professionals to print solid, robust parts.

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Imprimante 3D professionnelle

Range 3D Printers

Manufacture prototypes, tooling and finished parts

Increase productivity, reduce costs and diversify your business with the 3D printer that best suits your needs.

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Reach operational excellence

Design and optimize your production cycle in a digital twin, your simulated production environment.

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