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For several years now, the railway industry has been moving towards digitalization across its entire value chain. Today, digitalization is not only about the customer experience (wifi, online tickets, etc.).A Shift2Rail research programme has been set up by the European Union to develop new digital solutions. The French government has also announced its intention to fund the first 5 projects under the France 2030 scheme as part of the "Rail Transport Digitalisation and Decarbonisation” call for expressions of interest.


By choosing Visiativ's solutions, transport operators are assured of meeting the challenges of the market with tried and tested, cost-effective and secure solutions.


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achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 in Europe

Rail transportation digitalisation and decarbonisation


No industry can escape digital transformation. Digitalisation in the industrial world is a necessary step for company development and offers new perspectives. On-board monitoring, rail inspection, communication and information display systems, etc. make the sector efficient and competitive.


Rail transport plays an important role in the ecological transition and the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The total decarbonisation of this mode of transport is essential to meet the sector’s challenges.By realigning the transport industry with low-carbon rail transport, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.


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Reduce costs, increase service reliability


The arrival of new players in the European rail transport market is making the market highly competitive. Technical and technological progress is leading to increased efficiency.Some breakthroughs have already been developed and implemented for passenger and freight transport but need to be perfected and put into widespread use. 

Increasing and improving rail traffic flow


The railway sector is now in charge of digitalising tools and coming up with its own new technologies. These technologies are making it possible to secure the network (remote monitoring and control inspection), intervene rapidly in the event of a problem and prevent damage. In fact, compliance with standards and regulations is fundamental to ensure the safety of users.


Hyper-connected users


Faced with competing transport modes (air travel, cars, etc.), rail operators must offer their users comfort and connectivity.Increasingly connected, users are now looking for technological comfort during their journey (efficient and secure wifi, online ticket purchase, paperless ticketing, power outlets, etc.). Manufacturers and infrastructure managers are attentive to the demand to be able to best meet the needs of their customers.


Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.


For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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