Manufacturing business solution

Increasing agility and competitiveness with digital manufacturing

Think ahead of the production phase and take control of your operations, resources and deadlines


Products are becoming more and more complex to produce: more demand for customisation, shorter delivery times, tighter inventories, changing production technologies and more.

In today’s world, manufacturers must have a flexible production chain that can easily adapt to new priorities and put technological innovations to use: additive printing, cobotics, MES, digital twins, industrial 5G, etc.


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Moving into industrial performance with Industry 4.0


Our Manufacturing solution is built around several concerns and aims to integrate production constraints from the design stage onwards so as to respond quickly to customer expectations.

Make communication easier between the design office and production by connecting them to manufacturing process simulation tools like SOLIDWORKS CAM, MBD, PLASTICS, to avoid inconsistencies, tailor machining rules, avoid costly rework and secure toolpaths. 

Accelerate your projects with new integrated manufacturing technologies : Deliver fast prototyping and multi-property parts with 3D printing; improve toolpath accuracy and reduce programming time with advanced machining solutions.

Enhance your operational excellence by making the right production decisions.Test all production, scheduling and planning scenarios on your resources’ digital twin.Deploy effective preventive and predictive maintenance 

Manage production emergencies and contingencies

Integrate your resource constraints and scheduling processes.Enhance your production line flexibility and significantly reduce the administrative planning workload with scheduling and planning solutions like Ortems, Planilog or Productys

Optimise the machining phase

Start designing with SW CAM, reduce machine programming time with DELMIA, and simulate material dynamics with SOLIDWORKS PLASTICS for a fast product development cycle.

Produce your parts

Using the right 3D printer, HP, Markforged or Formlabs, depending on your requirements for hardness, complexity, customisation of your products.

Simulate virtually all your industrial operations

Test your scenarios on the 3DEXPERIENCE TWIN digital twin at facility level, production line level or equipment level to increase your productivity.

“Depending on the part and the volume, I advise employees to use 3D printing. An example of this was an order for 5,000 small parts, which the printer was able to produce faster and cheaper than plastic injection.”

Cédric Martinez

Project designer

Learning from our customers

Famille Michaud

“During the six-year period since we rolled out the DELMIA solution, we’ve been able to transfer two of our high-capacity production lines from France to our new plants in the US and Chile, while improving the productivity of our French plant by 20%. This was all made possible by simply pooling our orders and optimising our production flows.”

Jean Kasapyan

Production Manager

Improving efficiency, responsiveness and costs



The challenge: In-house manufacture of prototypes

The solution: Markforged and HP 3D printers 

Benefits: By integrating additive manufacturing, the design office can reduce discussion time with the mould maker by testing and optimising the part until it is validated and the final mould can be ordered for plastic injection to begin.Aldes gains agility and productivity by customising tooling that adapts to the operators.

Designing a new competitive production site fast



The challenge: Meeting the delivery deadlines imposed by the clients

Solution3DEXPERIENCE Twin 

Benefits: Simulating the new site and the necessary equipment so as to determine the optimal location for repatriating the production of standard parts to France. Developing the digital twin of the factory to test change scenarios in line with priorities.

Meeting customer lead times



The challenge: Stepping up production flow to control customer lead times, reduce product loss and breakage on the shop floor, and maximise equipment use.


Benefits: Customer lead times have been reduced from 10 to 3 working days, as have product shortages in the workshops.A higher degree of control over the operating rate of the machine base requiring less human intervention.

Ensuring agile production




Products for the Manufacturing business solution


Reach operational excellence

Design and optimize your production cycle in a digital twin, your simulated production environment.

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Design in 3D with intuitive and high-performance tools

Design your parts and assemblies with the complete SOLIDWORKS suite to turn your ideas into ground-breaking products.

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Innovate and share in real time

Access all product lifecycle applications from a single platform to facilitate collaboration between all those involved in design, simulation, manufacturing, maintenance...

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Services for the Manufacturing Business Solution

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Benefit from adapted support during the deployment of your 3DEXPERIENCE project

Define the PLM support that suits you: a packaged service or a customized offer according to the challenges of your development cycle.


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Optimizing your industrial processes

Supporting your PLM deployment to achieve together the goals you have set for yourself


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Industry has been Visiativ’s core development concern for the past 35 years.

We support you on a daily basis in transforming your industrial processes and tools by providing you with a club dedicated to feedback from the Industry of the Future is an obvious choice! Join the community and share your experience with the challenges of Industry 4.0.


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