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Deliver an omnichannel, personalized sales experience to your B2B customers and resellers

Deliver an omnichannel sales experience to your ecosystem


As sales channels multiply, the major challenge is to centralise and aggregate data from various sources so that your B2B customers and resellers can find their information on any channel: personalised assortments, product availability, negotiated prices, targeted promotions, loyalty status, etc. 


To accelerate your sales across all B2B channels, Visiativ Sales & Marketing is the solution that lets you deliver a unified omnichannel sales experience that serves customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing costs. 


With Visiativ Sales & Marketing, B2B e-commerce can become a natural extension of your business and increase your direct and indirect sales. By connecting this new channel to a digital customer service, you can extend your personalized 24/7 service offering and improve customer satisfaction.In addition, you can easily motivate your customers and resellers with targeted marketing operations. 


Visiativ Sales & Marketing also lets you optimise the efficiency of your field sales force - the key link in a successful customer experience - by digitalising mobile ordering, with or without an Internet connection, for all your sales representatives.


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Benefits of an omnichannel sales experience

Increase sales

Reduce your costs

Optimize the efficiency of your field sales force

Boost your profitability

Build customer loyalty

“Confronted with new consumer expectations, the challenge is to allow retailers, once they have validated a purchase with their customers, to transmit the orders seamlessly to Fermob so that it can manufacture the products as quickly as possible, and ship them rapidly to the consumers' gardens. This has been made possible by Visiativ e-Commerce B2B”

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Benjamin BALATIN

Transformation Manager

With BtoB e-commerce, capture orders from your BtoB customers 24/7 wherever they are.Your customers can view product catalogues and place orders independently in accordance with negotiated commercial conditions and current or future inventory availability.

By automating order taking and dialogue with your ERP, develop BtoB e-commerce sales, optimise customer visits, synchronise your services and share paperless documents and marketing materials with your sales teams and resellers.

Enhance your sales staff’s experience with tablet-based order taking in the field, on and offline; optimise visits and rounds with sales statistics and customer information; facilitate detailed performance analysis through dashboards and develop your brand image

With your sales channels tightly coupled to your sales management system, get the benefits of seamless data integration to better drive your business.

Your BtoB e-commerce platform is always up to date with the latest information on your customers, products, customised prices, inventories and orders.

Likewise, your sales staff optimise their rounds in close connection with each customer’s contribution capacity. 

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Simplify your customers’ experience by giving them one-stop access to their self-services 24/7, from any terminal.

With Visiativ Sales & Marketing, your B2B customers are more loyal because they can now order through multiple channels.

Your sales increase and so does your profitability because of your omnichannel customer experience.

“Today, integration is fully omnichannel. We have different tools that are interconnected in real time and our teams have achieved total responsiveness to their customers.”

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Information Systems and Logistics Manager


What is omnichannel selling?

Omnichannel selling is the use of several of a brand’s contact channels – either digital or physical – at the same time, for better sales. Data convergence, regardless of the point of contact, enables a seamless customer experience.

For instance, a BtoB customer can start the journey on the web, continue it by talking to customer service or a sales representative, and then validate the order online.

What are the benefits of omnichannel selling?

Omnichannel selling empowers companies to deliver seamless, personalised buying experiences at every stage of the customer journey, regardless of the buying channel (whether online, via the sales representative or customer service).

By providing a seamless customer experience across all channels, you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. On the company side, data centralisation makes for more detailed 360° customer intelligence, which in turn allows for better sales and better inventory management.

What are the benefits of omnichannel selling?

First of all, you need to capitalise on your customer intelligence to be able to deliver a personalised customer journey. Next, you need to standardize all your contact channels, and make them talk to each other to be able to capitalize on customer data. Lastly, you need to optimise your customer pathways: customers must be able to move from one channel to another without difficulty: they must be able to be identified across all channels, together with a full history of their interaction with the company.

Visiativ Innovation Engine

Visiativ Sales & Marketing is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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