Bouncing back and transforming to meet the new market challenges


To face the various crises now impacting the automotive industry across Europe, players must seize new growth opportunities and transform to remain competitive. The market trend toward digitalisation is opening up a lot of business opportunities.


By adopting Visiativ solutions, designed to meet the problems and challenges they are facing, industry professionals can be sure of comprehensive and reliable support for the digital transformation of their processes.


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of vehicles worldwide are manufactured using Dassault Systèmes software


of buyers begin their purchasing journey on the internet


of online automotive-related searches


Mandatory transition for the industry to electronic invoicing between 2023 and 2025

Automobile Innovation

Understanding global market innovations and trends


Digitalisation in the automotive industry is not a new phenomenon and has intensified in recent years as customer expectations grow and become more demanding.Manufacturers need to respond to the technological complexity of today’s vehicles and keep up with changes in new connected market trends. 


In-house teams working with their international counterparts to design the vehicles of tomorrow are using connected tools. Automotive design software solutions are becoming increasingly powerful.  Sharing and easy access to technical information is essential for hassle-free project deployment and to pool skills, improve internal communication and curb errors. 


Automobile Fluidifier Echanges Prod

Digitalising the car purchasing journey


To keep up with competition, manufacturers need to stand out and be visible. Automotive marketing is thus moving strongly towards digitalisation. Car sales can be multiplied by 3 using the internet channel. Keeping a high profile, communicating about your offering and showcasing your fleet are factors that give a new dimension to dealerships/garages and empower you to reach a young and connected target audience. Providing a reliable and consistent customer journey/experience promotes customer engagement.   

Automobile Innovation

Streamlining design and production exchanges 


Digitalising tools onto a single platform clarifies information exchange and enables your teams to save time. Knowledge is shared, access to information is simple and fast for the entire project team. Mechanical design files are centralised in a single location and are visible to employees. This represents a true comfort for inter-team collaboration. 


Technology and the cloud for a new mobility experience


While the carmakers use their historical technical knowledge to design vehicles, they also rely on advanced technological tools such as digitisation, digital twins, simulation, artificial intelligence, data management, etc. The tools available to engineers are constantly evolving to facilitate and push back certain limits of human knowledge. The digital twin is one of the vehicle design tools that the industry can no longer do without. Using a digital twin, different departments can dialogue and share information easily in real time via a secure cloud. In addition, today’s tools are so powerful that engineers have a quasi-real view of their design.


Learning from our customers

TEXELISlogo Texelis


The challenge: Developing into an integrator

The solution: Implementing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution with Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Benefits: With its product data in a single environment, TEXELIS can now respond to new calls for tender with speed and agility. 

Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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Consulting PDM & PLM

Suceed in your product development cycle

Deploy your SOLIDWORKS PDM and PLM 3DEXPERIENCE projects with confidence to achieve your business objectives


Range Visiativ PLM

Reducing time-to-market

Innovate and increase the efficiency of your industrial process through collaboration throughout the product life cycle.

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Range Markforged

Print strong and robust parts with ease

3D printers designed for professionals to print solid, robust parts.

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Benefit from adapted support during the deployment of your 3DEXPERIENCE project

Define the PLM support that suits you: a packaged service or a customized offer according to the challenges of your development cycle.


Purchasing and Operations

Tailored services to quickly improve purchasing performance.

We provide our clients with adapted services to analyze their purchasing organization, identify optimization levers and lead the necessary transformations to rapidly improve purchasing performance.



We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).


Visiativ risk management and insurance

Identify, assess and monitor risks which could jeopardize the performance of your company

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