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The foundation of our employee approach is characterized by programs on inclusion, diversity, gender equality, well-being, work-life balance, management and talent development. Developed by and for Visiativ employees, this approach is once again an illustration of the Company’s collaborative vision.





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The 4 pillars of our employee experience



From inception, the sharing of ideas and ambition to grow together is what makes us unique.




What makes us different is as important as what we share: an equal and inclusive opportunity for ALL.




We encourage all our employees to think of different ways to positively impact their communities, societies and environment.




We offer our employees the resources to continue to develop their potential and grow.


Originall is our DNA


Living a resolutely unprecedented Visiativ experience based on collaborative commitment has been the foundation of our DNA for 35 years. An emulation that we cultivate and which leads us to move forward together towards a common goal: to support the Company’s transformation and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Indeed, we encourage each individual to believe in his or her ideas, to bring them to life, to get involved and to make his or her voice heard.

Open Executive Committee

With the aim of opening up inter-hierarchical discussion, the Open COMEX format was renewed in July 2023. This innovative format enabled (volunteer) employees to take part in a COMEX, by proposing a topic to be discussed at the committee, and supported them in an entrepreneurial project. The aim of this dynamic is to strengthen the collective and involve employees in Visiativ’s strategic vision.

Value sharing

In terms of services and in the context of Visiativ’s activities, particularly in the digital sector, employees are a key and major asset, creator of value for the Company. As such, it appears essential for Visiativ’s Management, Executive Committee and Board of Directors to involve the employees in the Company’s capital, and in the sharing of value, beyond the compensation policies.


The 2023 employee share ownership programme was another success, with 54% of eligible employees taking part.

Resonance survey

With the aim of co-constructing and improving the employee experience, the Resonance survey is conducted each year to identify the quality of the experience experienced by our employees. The 2023 campaign recorded the feedback of 975 employees in eleven countries (France, Benelux, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, UK, USA, Morocco, Switzerland).


This is the average satisfaction score of employees who responded to the Resonance 2023 survey.

Equall to succeed


Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Visiativ’s values. We are committed to all our employees to guarantee them a unique experience by offering them the same opportunity to develop their talent. We adapt this vision of the employee experience to each person and each situation. It is therefore through committed and ambitious programs that we are able to collectively build an innovative, welcoming and exemplary business project. Structuring pillars of our DNA that we wish to develop on an international scale: Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.


For many years, Visiativ has been deeply involved in the employment and integration of people with disabilities. As such, Visiativ is pursuing an ambitious policy that unites and brings together all teams around a common cause: disability inclusion.

To demonstrate its commitment, Visiativ wanted to train all of its management in the inclusion of people with disabilities. The members of the Executive Committee spearheaded this training, since they were the first to be trained in 2021.

This commitment is structured around four key areas:
• Accelerate the recruitment of employees with disabilities
• Maintain employment and guarantee the same opportunities for success for our employees with disabilities
• Develop the skills of employees with disabilities through a dedicated training plan
• Deployment of an awareness and communication plan


Visiativ makes professional equality a key element of its employee experience and intends to commit itself even more to this goal. We have decided to strengthen our actions to promote gender equality at all levels of the Company, by implementing principles and strong actions to act and reduce these inequalities:
• reduce pay inequalities between women and men (implementation of specific increase budgets, compensation grids, etc.);
• change representations around parenthood through awareness-raising;
• implement appropriate monitoring before and after maternity leave (mandatory interview with the manager, HR interview, training plan if necessary, etc.);
• ensure equal treatment in the assessment of performance and mobility;
• increase the proportion of women in the management workforce (career support, mentoring, creation of an internal community dedicated to women managers, etc.);
• accelerate diversity in recruitment.


Convinced by the richness that diversity brings to the Company, Visiativ works on a daily basis to build
a more open and tolerant company, where everyone can flourish and grow professionally, thus contributing to the long-term development of the Company. In France, these diversity commitments continued in 2023:
• As part of the Diversity Charter which represents the highest level of commitment for a company on this subject. Through this charter, Visiativ guarantees all its employees fair treatment and refuses any distinction, exclusion or preference based on age, sex, gender identity, origin, disability, sexual orientation or beliefs.
• Through the acceleration of the partnership established with ERHGO’s #Jenesuispasuncv awareness-raising campaign, which aims to initiate a new approach to recruitment, by allowing each candidate to be able to express his or her potential beyond their appearance, age or diploma, which are not mentioned.

Visiativ also ensures that these fundamental principles are respected in its recruitment process, by training the entire recruitment team in recruitment without discrimination.

Gender Equality Index


In accordance with Act No. 2018-771 of September 5, 2018 on the freedom to choose one’s professional future and Decree No. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019 implementing the provisions aimed at eliminating the gender pay gap in companies and relating to the fight against sexual violence and sexist acts at work, Visiativ calculated its Gender Equality Index.


Rating for Visiativ France in 2023


Rating for ABGi in 2023

Inspirationall to make impact


An inspired employee is a fulfilled employee! We are convinced that giving meaning to our employees is an essential dimension to their well-being and therefore to their commitment. We therefore pay particular attention to work-life balance (teleworking agreements, right to disconnect, etc.) so that everyone can evolve with peace of mind in a favorable and inspiring environment. At Visiativ, fostering employee commitment also means encouraging them to think about the world around us, which is changing and transforming, by supporting their involvement in concrete initiatives.

Employee engagement

Employees are encouraged to take part in projects in line with Visiativ’s values and ambitions in order to generate positive social and environmental impacts. Internally, with the aim of improving well-being at work and bringing employees together, various events are organized collectively, particularly on the occasion of annual highlights such as calendar holidays or themed weeks.


In France, these initiatives are characterized by three Cl’Hubs, each comprising around 15 members, who support us in the co-construction of the employee experience, as well as in the deployment of our societal and environmental approach.


Optimizing the quality of life at work promotes employee commitment and is a definite asset in terms of attractiveness and long-term loyalty. Visiativ has set up services to enable employees to reconcile their professional and personal lives, in order to evolve in a quality and stimulating work environment, which contribute to the quality and layout of workspaces within Visiativ branches, as well as to flexibility in the organization of work, whether through flex working or the deployment of teleworking.

Potentiall to aim higher


At Visiativ, we are committed to developing the potential of our employees by supporting them individually at each stage of their development in the company. From the recruitment phase to the acquisition of new skills, from training of managers to mobility and career management, we have innovative, adaptable and customizable resources and programs to help employees grow and develop. In this way, we empower everyone to take on stimulating challenges that allow them to realize themselves and express their full potential. Operating in a profoundly changing environment where the world is accelerating and with businesses that are reinventing themselves, we are always attentive to our employees in order to better anticipate and meet their expectations. We believe in their talent, so we have every reason to invest in their development.


In line with the candidate experience, Visiativ makes the onboarding of its new employees a key aspect of its talent development policy. Each new employee who joins the company follows an induction program, which is based on seven highlights:
– Pre-boarding
– Administrative integration
– D-day
– Training & support plan
– D+30
– Onboarding seminar (Welcom’In Day)
– Integration monitoring

Training & Academy

Based on innovative, comprehensive and accessible programs throughout the employee life cycle, Visiativ launched the Visiativ Academy at the end of 2020 to address three major challenges:
anticipate the evolution of our business lines to better meet the expectations of our customers and serve the strategic plan;
maintain and develop the skills of our employees to enable them to develop their potential and career opportunities;
develop employee commitment.

Mobility & career

Internal mobility is an essential part of our recruitment policy. We are committed to supporting our employees through their career paths and their development prospects.


To deepen and facilitate mobility arrangements within Visiativ, in January 2024 we launched a new global platform dedicated to promoting and facilitating internal and international mobility for all employees.


Graduate is the program dedicated to the talents of tomorrow. Work-study students, interns or future graduates, Visiativ provides them with its tools and skills to enable them to develop.

As part of this program, Visiativ continues and deepens the partnerships with schools, universities and institutes, which makes it possible to train and support many work-study students in the jobs of tomorrow.


the percentage of positions filled through internal mobility


the percentage of employees who had received at least one training course by 2023.


the percentage of work-study students converted to permanent or fixed-term contracts.