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Optimise your merchandising performance, from strategy to implementation in the field


In a world where consumer purchasing patterns have changed enormously, merchandising is now a key element in strategic thinking (upstream) and deployment in the field (downstream).


Visiativ supports its customers across the entire value chain, from setting up merchandising structures in organisations to analysing in-store performance using an approach that combines consulting and technology.


This support is primarily aimed at creating a true merchandising culture shared by all participants (category managers, sector managers, merchandising managers, department managers, etc.) and fostering its growth within the company.


Visiativ has developed a collaborative and cross-functional working method for you that’s based on 6 key steps.

A 6-step working method


Setting up a merchandising structure


Building a merchandising strategy


Developing merchandising tools


Making the tools available to the field teams


Implementing your merchandising strategy


Monitoring, Analysis, Continuous Improvement

With Visiativ, you can set up a true merchandising culture in your company, for the benefit of sales development.


Visiativ's extensive experience with major brands and retailers empowers you to reduce your time-to-market, increase your ROI and facilitate collaboration between the various project stakeholders.

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Step 1: Setting up a merchandising structure


From the departure point onwards, Visiativ experts are at your disposal to identify the position merchandising should occupy in your organisation.


Our consulting package will enable you to carry out an in-depth audit of your existing resources, your goals and your challenges.


The objective? Co-constructing a transformation plan with your departments on how to implement merchandising and identify the future impacts and the changes to be made.


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Step 2: Building a merchandising strategy


The second step focuses on the service and partner ecosystem that will influence your brand or chain’s merchandising strategy.


Our experts work with you to develop a merchandising reference framework that includes guidelines (strategic and operational framing) for the brand or company based on workshops, interviews and studies conducted with stakeholders.


The objective? Writing the rules to be applied in the short, medium and long term, and using this common framework to roll out a merchandising culture at headquarters and in the field.


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Step 3: Developing your merchandising tools


Based on the merchandising rules previously defined, Visiativ’s experts will help you build your merchandising tools and implement them:


  • Our professional photographers create your product bases
  • We provide assistance in the selecting merchandising tools by sourcing the right technological tools
  • Planograms are built by product item and/or by domain (micro-merchandising) according to pre-defined key indicators
  • Assistance in validating shop concepts (macro-merchandising)


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Step 4: The tools are made available to the field teams


The main ways to prevent lack of adherence to the merchandising tools developed upstream are:


For better implementation, it is essential that the information disseminated is understood by the field teams The challenge here is to ensure that the data communicated is right for the target: a message that is well communicated but poorly understood will not bring the desired results.

Accessibility to information

The first challenge is to make certain that the group targeted by the merchandising strategy easily identifies the dedicated communication channel


To allow for changes and fixes, it is important that head office and field teams can communicate via a dedicated and common channel to avoid any misinterpretation of the strategy being developed.

Visiativ Store Intelligence Planning


To do this, Visiativ has developed a collaborative and cross-functional platform dedicated to merchandising communications – Visiativ Store Intelligence Planning – to help you deploy a genuine merchandising culture within your company.


This platform lets you better manage your merchandising in a single collaborative space:

  • Includes all stakeholders (Merchandisers, Category managers and Product managers)
  • The annual merchandising action plan is shared
  • Merchandising assets are centralised
  • Planograms are updated permanently and made available
  • Documents and the common document database are shared
  • Working methods are checked for consistency between headquarters and the field
  • Responsiveness and instant visualisation of project progress
  • Collaborative project management including discussion groups held as per project requirements, shared product visuals management, and shared overview of ongoing / completed actions.


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“The Visiativ Store Intelligence Planning platform lets us centralise and organise all Merchandising data, which makes communication much easier. We send far fewer emails thanks to the chat, videoconferencing and email notification features built right into the platform. We are achieving huge productivity gains.”

Elisa Doussot

Marketing and Merchandising Manager

Step 5: Implementing your merchandising strategy


The quality of the merchandising strategy you defined upstream can only be tested when properly applied in-store.

Using our services (strategy consulting, planograms, etc.) and dedicated sales force tools:


  • You get the benefit of plans that are ready to be implemented at the point of sale
  • You guarantee shelf intelligibility and have maximum appeal to consumers
  • You optimise the field teams’ working time
  • You measure the key indicators essential to merchandising (ND, shelf space, etc.)
  • You carry out your shelf-space surveys
  • The collaborative platform lets you share all the best practices you’ve developed with your points of sale, while encouraging feedback from the field to adjust your strategy in real time, thanks to Visiativ Sales Force.
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Step 6: Monitoring, Analysis, Continuous Improvement


The final step involves an ongoing process of analysis and continuous improvement to keep you getting better after our collaboration.


To do this, Visiativ experts work with you to identify the relevant KPIs for your business and how to measure them (shelf-space share, turnover, margin, stocks, etc.)


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