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Benefitting from the agility of the best IT infrastructures and ensuring the security of your data

Assessing risks to better protect yourself from cyber attacks

As more and more companies go digital, data protection is becoming a priority. More than 66% of the world's small and medium-sized industrial companies have been targeted by cyber attacks.

Whether it’s the impact on operating costs, the destruction of computer hardware, loss of data, business downturns or even the paralysis of a production site, a computer attack can be dramatic for a company, regardless of its size.

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Moving towards the application of best practices as a standard

In a world where the risks of cyber attack are increasingly prevalent and where the impacts can be devastating for companies, our hands-on and affordable Data Security and IS/IT business solution provides an agile and secure IT infrastructure that backs up, stores and monitors your technical data.

For SMEs, Visiativ’s IT security offer responds to several requirements:

Assessing your IT security

Visiativ Cyber Check

Vulnerability analysis and remediation plan

Deploying the necessary safeguards

Visiativ Cyber Pilot

Implementing the measures detected during the audit

Secure your websites

Visiativ Cyber WAF

Website protection and optimisation

“The strength of Visiativ's cybersecurity support is that it simplifies the narrative and speaks our language. When Visiativ experts talk to us, we understand what will be done to our information system. Whereas pure players in the cybersecurity market very often have an overly technical approach. In the end, we get lost and don't understand which quick wins to implement.”

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Elise Meyer

Director of Operations

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Swap knowledge and feedback with professionals on the benefits of digital transformation and secure your IT system to best protect your data and infrastructure.


The Visiativ Innovation Platform

The Product Lifecycle Management business solution is one of the 10 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Platform.

The Visiativ Innovation Platform is a unique and innovative tool that empowers SMEs and MMEs to identify their performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap and deploy tried and tested solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

Visiativ helps SMEs to accelerate their innovation processes, improve their competitive position and meet their commitments in terms of sustainable development. We are trusted consultants with a genuine capacity to implement solutions in a collaborative and experience-sharing economy.

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