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Make customer satisfaction your priority with the Customer Service Club

Customer service is a pillar of your business : with the Customer Service community, enhance your customer service and deliver the best possible experience by developing your service offer.


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This community helps you to transform your customer service with digital solutions that empower you to unleash your service offering: customer platforms, technical documentation sharing, spare parts catalogues, stock monitoring, out-call management, and more.

Meet with other members, share your experience and learn to transform your after-sales services.


Who’s it for ?


The club serves as a meeting place for :


  • After Sales Service Management
  • Customer Service Department
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Administration Department

Why join the Customer Service Club ?


The After-Sales Service community means :


  • Sharing digital customer service transformation best practices
  • Transforming your after-sales service into a true profit centre that’s close to your customers
  • Swapping feedback with other managers on best practices and methods
  • Remedying the lack of information about the options and tools for after-sales service


Join the community

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Our Customer Service Solutions


The Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach that empowers SMEs and SMIs alike to identify their performance levers. Our Customer Service business solution includes our products to transform your customer service into a profit centre.

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