Support your sustainable growth



Knowing where your company is at and identifying competitive levers is the foundation of your digital transformation


Generate growth and competitiveness for your business


Visiativ supports companies in their innovation, transformation, optimization and digitalization projects, helping them to design and implement tailor-made solutions adapted to their challenges.


We work on four areas of expertise to increase your synergies and accelerate your transformation.


We provide our clients with foresight, advice and resources in managing and financing their innovation (RD&I).


Digital strategy

We guide our customers to exploit the potential of digital transformation to improve their business performance


Operations & Procurement

We provide our customers with customized services to analyze their procurement organization, identify the optimization levers and bring about the necessary transformations for rapid improvement of procurement performance.



We offer our customers the ability to maintain infrastructure resilience, improve employee practices and policies and ensure data security.


Consulting Expertises


We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).


Digital Strategy

The opportunity to exploit the potential of digital to improve your company's performance.


Purchasing and Operations

Tailored services to quickly improve purchasing performance.

We provide our clients with adapted services to analyze their purchasing organization, identify optimization levers and lead the necessary transformations to rapidly improve purchasing performance.



Secure your data and your know-how

Protect your data and your know-how by ensuring robustness of your IT infrastructure and involvement of employees in cybersecurity.


Ready to change?


Visiativ teams are here to support you with enthusiasm throughout your digital transformation