Visiativ Innovation Engine

The Cloud Innovation Platform for Digital, Social and Environmental Transformations of SMBs


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Visiativ Innovation Engine: a solution to the challenges faced by the managers of industrial SMEs and SMBs


Visiativ Innovation Engine enables SMBs to identify their key performance drivers, to co-build a digital transformation roadmap accordingly, to deploy proven solutions and to share their experiences and know-how with their peers.


The Visiativ Innovation Engine is based on the Visiativ Agora architecture, our cloud-native, open (full API), modular, secure, robust and fully scalable technology foundation.


This unique combination reinforces our brand promise and identity, as well as our commitment to support tomorrow’s companies worldwide in their innovations and new business models.



Visiativ Agora


Our Visiativ Agora architecture is built to meet the challenges of small and medium-sized businesses that want to exploit the full wealth of their companies data and boost their performance through digital, social and environmental transformation.


What is Visiativ Agora ?


The result of Visiativ innovation, Visiativ Agora is the new technological foundation of our digital solutions based on an open, modular, secure, robust, scalable architecture that is fully interfaced with your information system. This new foundation, which combines the best of technology, has been designed to deliver a high-performance SaaS service that meets the challenges of SMBs.


This new cloud-native architecture makes it easy to collaborate with your ecosystem of customers, distributors, and partners while simplifying your internal communication and collaboration and creating value from your data.


Designed for massive data management, the Industrial Internet of Things (or IIoT or IoT or Industry 4.0) and (near) real time, our architecture is also natively event-driven: it is about being able to manage all the company’s data flows which are growing due to the digitalization of the company and consequently generate an enormous number of data & events to be captured and taken into consideration in real time.


Visiativ Agora has been developed to meet the highest security requirements right from the start. We have implemented the same level of security applied to all layers of the architecture. Our approach to security ensures that access to Visiativ Agora is handled in a consistent and efficient manner, regardless of the mode of access, and that your data will never be exposed to the risk of leakage through security holes.


Visiativ Agora architecture



Which are the Visiativ Agora components?

Shared infrastructure services
Shared infrastructure services refer to all the services delivered by the Cloud platform on which Visiativ Agora is built. Located in France (or any EU country on customer request), totally resilient, scalable and highly secure in accordance with the various legal and regulatory standards of the market, the Cloud infrastructure has been designed to deliver maximum service continuity. Your applications are fully available, and your operations are never disrupted by unexpected IT problems, maximizing your productivity and that of your employees.

Shared technical and application services

Visiativ Agora breaks out of silos and offers a set of innovative technical services shared by all connected applications and facilitating integration with your Information Systems. The “Identity” component, for example, enables secured and federated management of authentication, roles and authorizations, as well as ETL (Extract Transform and Load) and APIM (API management) solutions that facilitate internal and external data exchanges.

Enterprise Data

Your company’s data is your wealth and the true instrument of your competitiveness. That’s why Visiativ Agora smartly centralizes all your data and enables you to better understand, manage and objectify your activities as well as the transformation projects that Visiativ implements for you.

Connectors / API

The Visiativ Agora architecture offers numerous connectors that facilitate the circulation of data. Integrating a third-party application from a partner or from your Information System has never been so simple, transparent and secure!