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The purpose of quality process optimisation is to reduce non-quality, improve audits and provide traceability across the product life cycle.

Improve interaction with your suppliers and reassure your customers and distributors.


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This community aims to share your experience with compliance and the application of standards to improve quality.

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Who’s it for ?


The club serves as a meeting place for :


  • Quality Managers
  • Methods, scheduling and planning or production department managers

Why join the Quality & Regulations Club?


The Quality & Regulations community is means :


  • Sharing best practices in improving non-cost competitiveness
  • Swapping views and feedback among professionals about process optimisation and employee engagement
  • Understanding operational excellence in relation to company-wide transformation


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Our quality and regulatory solutions

The Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach that empowers SMEs and MMEs alike to identify their performance levers. The Regulatory, Risk and Compliance business solution includes our risk control and continuous improvement packages.