Regulatory, risk & compliance business solution

Controlling your risks and compliance

Facilitate your compliance and risk identification


Confronted with the diversification and strong multiplication of risks, companies in all fields of endeavour must have an efficient risk management system. This solution facilitates the implementation of prevention and protection measures to reduce the probability of loss or damage.


Especially for industrial manufacturers, who are subject to increasing regulatory demands, quality and conformity management is becoming more and more important. The stakes are high in terms of improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and enhancing brand image.


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Towards a single, centralised and shared database


Moving from quality monitoring to quality experience requires all employees to be united around the priority objective of customer satisfaction. The challenge also consists in meeting regulatory requirements and reducing non-quality with a view to improving the company’s overall performance.

As regards risk management, this involves collaborative management and shared analysis of multiple risks: legal liability, natural disasters, accidents, management errors, etc. A Risk Management Information System(RMIS), a shared database of site inventories and insured values facilitates detailed information retrieval and centralises data management for up-to-date monitoring of your company’s situation regarding its risk exposure.

This identification enables risks to be assessed in order to develop a plan to minimise and control these risks and their potential consequences for the company.

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Digitalising your data and quality procedures



The challenge: Building quality procedures into warehouse, production and purchasing management tools to ensure quality traceability.

The solution: Visiativ Quality Management

Benefits: More than 2,500 hours of re-entry time saved for quality controls entered directly via a tablet. From now on, the teams are also able to automatically generate supplier reports in 5 minutes, a task which previously took 3 hours to complete. 

Securing company sustainability

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The challenge: Facilitating cooperation with insurance companies for a partial transfer of the company’s risks to the insurance industry.

The solution: Visiativ Risk management and insurance

Benefits: The IRMS database gives us a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the risks at each of the company’s sites at all times.This information, shared with insurers – who have read access to the company’s IRMS – provides for a more balanced and healthy relationship with insurance companies.

Improving your competitiveness



The challenge: Optimising internal processes

The solutionEDM Quality

Benefits: As part of its ISO certification, Kingspan has digitalised its internal processes, which has also resulted in freeing up employees’ time to focus on higher value-added tasks.

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Visiativ Gestion Des Risques Et Assurances

Control your risks and ensure quality monitoring

Mastering risks and regulatory compliance

Control your risks and ensure quality monitoring

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Visiativ Quality Management

Meet regulatory requirements

Digitize your quality approach to better managequality processes, meet regulatory requirements and increase customer satisfaction.


Visiativ risk management and insurance

Identify, assess and monitor risks which could jeopardize the performance of your company


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Ensuring transparency and compliance with the Quality & Regulations community
The purpose of quality process optimisation is to reduce non-quality, improve audits and provide traceability across the product life cycle.

Improve interaction with your suppliers and reassure your customers and distributors.


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Regulatory, risk & compliance business solution is a business solution from Visiativ Innovation Engine.

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