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Take full control of your transformation roadmap and measure the gains

Why go for a transformation management application?


Managing transformation is complex, managing several transformations at the same time parallel can raise many questions:

How do we do it? Where do we start? Using what method? Who are the stakeholders? How can priorities be defined? How can we measure progress in transformation?


This is why Visiativ, a partner of SME's for 35 years, has developed a unique and entirely secure application for managers to handle all transformations whether digital, CSR, or Cyber security.


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With Visiativ Transformer, your transformation is controlled from start to finish


Definition of strategic transformation objectives and challenges

Inspired by the company’s general management, strategic issues are central to any transformation. They constitute the reference axes for the transformation and are essential to identify the projects to be launched.

Analysis of findings

During the diagnostic phase prior to the transformation, it is key to formalise the gaps that separate the company from the level of achievement of its strategic challenges. These gaps reveal in concrete terms the playing field for the transformation.


Then, as the transformation progresses, the roadmap needs to be evaluated regularly, and some projects need to be re-prioritised. In this way, you retain total agility in steering the transformation towards success.

Prioritising projects

Any transformation requires recurring arbitration to adjust the existing roadmap and integrate new strategic projects as they come along.


Each project needs to be assessed according to a variety of criteria, so that the right decisions can be taken collaboratively. The gains/efforts prioritisation matrix helps to focus the roadmap as closely as possible to the company’s challenges.

Roadmap display

Sharing each of the transformation roadmaps in the same repository makes it easier for everyone involved in the project to understand. Each phase of the roadmap must be calibrated as closely as possible to the budgets allocated to the transformation, in order to secure the organisation’s ability to complete it successfully.


The impact of integrating new projects can also be assessed in terms of the company’s ability to complete them or not.

Monitoring performance

During implementation, monitoring the smooth progress of the transformation enables any adjustments to priorities to be identified at an early stage.


With Visiativ Transformer, project managers are autonomous when it comes to updating the key indicators for their projects.


Monitoring can be carried out at local, organisational or more global cross-organisational level. At all times, the management committee has up-to-date indicators on the transformation in progress, so it can make the right decisions at the next steering committee meeting.

The benefits of the transformation management application

Centralized database for collecting diagnostics data

Comparative positioning with respect to peers

Transformation opportunities are prioritised by value and effort required

Accelerated, efficient decision making regarding transformation projects to be launched

Planned, accelerated project completion with interactive weather reporting

Summary ROI overview for each solution deployed

Transformation areas covered

Transformation numérique

Digital transformation





Conception Produit

Product design

Industry 4.0

Industrie 4.0*

Gestion de l'énergie

Energy management*

*Coming soon

Discover our early adopters’ first impressions

"Visiativ Transformation Manager gives me a weather report on my transformation projects. I can share them in real time with my collaborators, which allows me to reduce any risks weighing on a critical project that’s not progressing."

Special machinery manufacturer

"Visiativ Transformation Manager helps me to transparently align with my employees regarding our common transformation objectives."

Medical equipment manufacturer

"Visiativ Transformation Manager helps me make better decisions regarding the transformation projects to be carried out, while optimising the necessary resources and ensuring their completion."

Electrical equipment manufacturer

"Thanks to Visiativ Transformation Manager, my colleagues and I share the same vision of the transformations to be carried out in the company."

Robotic systems manufacturer

“Visiativ Transformation Manager lends agility to our transformation process: we can readjust our priorities according to changing market trends."

Door and gate manufacturer

Visiativ Innovation Engine

Visiativ Transformer is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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