SOLIDWORKS for simulation

SOLIDWORKS simulation solutions deliver a range of analysis tools to reduce time- to-market for your products.

Virtually test all types of behaviour with SOLIDWORKS simulation tools


SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions deliver a range of analysis tools to reduce time- to-market for your products. These solutions accurately predict their performance and behaviour in real-world conditions, thereby limiting the need for physical prototyping.


Fully integrated with the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment, these solutions let you run complex simulations in an intuitive workflow.


Affordable and easy to use, they support the 4 main analysis types to meet the challenges of all design offices :


  • Structural analysis - Make the right choices at the design stage and improve your product quality
  • Fluid Analysis - Analyse fluid flow and heat transfer in your models
  • Plastic injection analysis (rheology) - Simulate mould filling and avoid defects in plastic part manufactured by injection moulding
  • Kinematic and dynamic motion analysis - Analyse and visualise the kinematic and dynamic behaviour of your assemblies

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