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Organise and facilitate your information exchange through a dedicated platform Description:

Efficient, optimised collaboration


Digital tools can improve business management to a significant degree. Indeed, data exchange relating customer files (customers, invoices, emails, etc.) is increasing. An EDM tool is now the key element that allows all documents related to internal management to be centralised within a single, shared database. This makes information management easier and better controlled.


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A tool for professionals


EDM (Electronic Document Management) meets the needs of many professionals. Whether you are an insurance agent or a chartered accountant, Visiativ Document is a powerful solution for digitising and centralising all your information in a single, shared database.


Visiativ Document features:


  • Dedicated filing plan
  • Client management
  • Advanced filing template management
  • Supports your office automation, capture and management system tools
  • Multi-channel document delivery and mobile access
  • Manages document validation cycles
  • Access control to documents
  • Centralises and digitises document management
  • Supports office automation and capture tools
  • Data security and confidentiality

The 4 keys to the solution’s success

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Increases the firm’s responsiveness

Automates data processing


Shares documents easily

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Secures files

They chose the Visiativ Document Assurance solution

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Insurance agents


An EDM (Electronic Document Management) tool and an easy-to-use customer portal provide for smooth, optimised information exchange. In this way, all your internal and external documents (contracts, certificates, emails, etc.) are part of a single, shared database. 


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Cabinets comptables

Chartered Accountants


Visiativ Chartered Accountant Documents is an EDM (Electronic Document Management) application designed for chartered accountants.

This solution lets you to file and classify all paperless documents.Easy to use, this solution is a true time saver for all the employees in your accounting firm.


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visiativ document industry



Visiativ Document Industry is an electronic document management software that makes it easy to create a repository for the entire industrial sector.

The implementation of an EDM tool structures your tree structures according to the chosen criteria in which to save your documents.


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Documents Qualité

Visiativ Quality Management

Meet regulatory requirements

Digitize your quality approach to better managequality processes, meet regulatory requirements and increase customer satisfaction.


Visiativ Workplace

Digitalising your business processes

Make your company's digital transition easy with a workplace ready to be deployed to suit your needs (EDM, workflow, omnichannel commerce) and your businesses (customer service, quality, sales, etc.)


Visiativ Accountant Documents

Digitalising your firm’s processes

Automate the organising and filing of your electronic documents by connecting your tools to dedicated accounting process platform.


Visiativ Insurance Documents

Digitize insurance daily processes

Increase your performance and retain your customers through efficient business processes and shared information