Visiativ Knowledge Management

Increase efficiency by providing the right answers, without mobilising your experts

Make it easier to capitalise on your knowledge and make it accessible to everyone


Information search tools are multiplying, yet the time spent searching for and finding the right information is estimated at more than 26 days a year.
Save over 30% in productivity by centralising the knowledge of your experts and sharing it with your customers and employees.


With Visiativ Knowledge Management, you can optimise the time it takes to access information and use AI to respond to your customers and employees precisely, and at the right time, with personalised conversations.


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unsuccessful searches


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Benefits of Visiativ Knowledge Management




Increase your


customer satisfaction



24/7 service



and optimise

Gathering and structuring your know-how

Centralise the knowledge of your experts, to capitalise on your company’s knowledge and make it available for all uses:

  • Transferring skills to new employees
  • Assistance and troubleshooting for internal and external users
  • Capitalising on knowledge in the event of an expert leaving the company

    Increasing performance

    Instantly find the right information from everyday work tools (CRM, ticketing, Intranet, etc.) to save users 20% of their search time:

    • Reduced search time for employees
    • Reduction in the number of calls to experts
    • Increased first contact resolution rate

    Improving customer satisfaction

    Put an end to waiting for a response to recurring requests. Knowledge is instantly available on all contact channels, reducing the number of requests by 30%:

    • Immediate responses to known requests
    • Automatic creation of qualified tickets for complex requests
    • Selective routing of requests to the right experts

    Providing 24/7 service

    Ensure 24/7 customer service to provide ongoing support:

    • Ongoing assistance even when your experts are not available
    • 24/7 collection of requests to answer or create tickets
    • International coverage with a multilingual chatbot

    Analysing and optimising

    Fine-tune the quality and performance of knowledge management, updates and search responses using dynamic dashboards based on historical data:

    • Statistics on knowledge use and updates
    • Analysis of recurring user requests
    • Modelling of search paths and conversion

    Our business use cases for 30% productivity gains

    Utilisateur chatbot heureux

    Chatbot for Customer Service and After Sales


    Provide your customers and partners with immediate, personalised support.

    Automate the processing of simple and recurring after-sales service requests, 24/7 and in multiple languages, for your international customers and resellers.

    Réponse Chatbot

    Chatbot for IT and business support


    Qualify 100% of helpdesk requests and offer either self-service or escalation to the relevant IT or business support department.

    Speed up the first level of requests with 100% automated processing, available 24/7 and capable of answering all common questions. The chatbot relieves employees of the most repetitive tasks, leaving them to concentrate on those with high added value.

    Webinaire Chatbot PME/ETI

    HR assistance chatbot


    Respond immediately to employees via an HR chatbot and relieve your Human Resources teams.

    Facilitate onboarding and skills upgrades, re-engage your employees by making them autonomous in their administrative matters.

    Learning from our clients

    Logo La Poste

    Save time for experts by automating user support


    “With over 15,000 conversations a month, Viki has become an essential cog in our user support system.”

    Alex Candelier, Director of digital support projects in the IT Department.


    Logo 1001pneus

    Reduce the time taken to process recurring requests


    “The introduction of Julie has reduced call volumes by more than 15%. Its deployment in France and abroad means we can offer more service, 24/7.”

    Thibault Martin, Customer Services Director.


    Pooling knowledge to share user support


    “Visiativ Compagnon has enabled us to increase our support capacity for 35,000 end users, while freeing up time for our support teams to deal with more complex cases.”

    Marc AUBRY, Head of Change Management, BPCE IT Solutions.


    Logo Rungis Semmaris

    Welcoming visitors


    “Emma greets visitors and answers 30% of common questions. We concentrate on personalised requests.”

    Sandrine Verrechia, Customer Relations Manager, Rings International

    Visiativ Innovation Engine


    Visiativ Knowledge Management is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

    Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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    Visiativ Chatbot

    Engage with prospects

    Guide and inform prospects with a chatbot on your web portals. Our intelligent conversational software will interact with web visitors to guide them to relevant information.