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At Visiativ, we consider our customers as partners. Partners who are moving faster and further together through dialogue.

As the link between all of you, it is up to us passionate leaders to ensure that this dialogue continues to become a reality.


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“"We need to cultivate our intuition, and to cultivate that intuition, there is nothing better than sharing experience with those who already have it."

Guillaume Fauré

Assistant general manager, Bernard Controls

Meeting up for inspiration

LeClub is not meant to be yet another honorary circle or waste of time. Everyone knows why they’re there. As a reflection of our idea of business and the economic ecosystem as a whole, LeClub advocates a hands-on, accessible and dynamic philosophy.

With LeClub, your can attend meetings held throughout the year in person and digitally between Visiativ’s client managers, in a spirit of shared dialogue.


Why join LeClub ?


LeClub prepares you to move into the future and mobilise your employees for and around this movement. Being a leader in transformation and innovation means daring to act in concrete terms. It also means cultivating a certain pioneering spirit. The leaders involved in this essential transformation process share their experience with us here.


    • Be part of a community of more than 400 leaders committed to a business transformation process
    • Benefit from inspiring feedback from your peers
    • Leverage your own transformation and innovation experience
    • Explore new trends and fine-tune the role of digital technology in your business strategy
    • Create new opportunities and get in touch with future partners, suppliers, and customers
    • Be part of our strategic vision and move ahead with us on the subject of digital transformation
    • Increasing your visibility


If you are a Visiativ customer, it is because we already have a lot in common: vision, drive, pragmatism, know-how, the value of dialogue and experience.


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Our solutions for industry

The Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative tool that empowers SMEs and MMEs to identify their performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap and deploy tried and tested solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

The Transformation Management business solution is one of the 9 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Engine, dedicated to our digital transformation management packages.