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Take control of your real estate assets and build a decarbonisation strategy

Transforming your property IT system to accommodate the new forms of tenure and manage regulations


Digitalisation and decarbonisation are the two key issues in the real estate industry today. Real estate assets with built-in digital tools will be the ones to succeed most rapidly in reducing their environmental footprint.

The road to making your buildings smart begins with developing new user-focused services, reducing operating costs and deploying optimised governance for annual savings of 10 to 20% of the overall property budget.


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Moving towards a single property database to optimise your real estate assets


Digitalisation is changing the way we work: buildings and services are being digitalised to optimise the value they provide to users, property managers and owners.

Our Property Management business solution makes it easy to share a single property database (operations, maintenance, sales, contracts, etc.) that converts the building from a passive asset into a platform of interacting services: an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Solution) for operations and maintenance, energy, comfort and health, space planning, occupant services and building services).


  • Share a single database that includes all property management processes: maintenance, work environment and services to facilitate real-time interaction between users and the building.
  • Simplify property regulatory compliance securely.
  • Map your real estate assets and projects in real time.
  • Reap the benefits of improved risk management: mapping, identifying, assessing and implementing action plans to reduce risks.

“The aim is to go beyond simple mapping by enabling the equipment associated with technical documentation to be located fast.”

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Achieving operational excellence



The challenge: Consolidating technical interventions across 250 locations.

Solution: Visiativ Property Management

Benefits: The database supports a predictive maintenance plan that identifies the equipment down to its date of installation and its theoretical lifespan. The group has also deployed the energy and fluid management modules to accurately monitor consumption and hence secure a more reliable budget.

A geo-decisional view of the runways

Côte d’Azur Airports

The challenge: Achieving real-time visibility on all infrastructure information.

The solution: Visiativ Property Management 2D Drawing Management Module

Benefits: Using customised queries and reports, users can obtain the information they need to support management decisions (financial, administrative, rental, technical, etc.) in just a few seconds.

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Logiciel Facility Management et Property Management

Visiativ Real estate IWMS

Manage your real estate repository and services to users via our collaborative IWMS solution designed for Asset Management, Property Management and Facility Management.


Visiativ Real estate

Manage your asset regulatory files at a glance


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Property management business solution is a business solution from Visiativ Innovation Engine.

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