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An employee experience that’s key to your company’s success

It takes increased synergies and company performance to mobilise your employees

Today, companies must transform to improve their employee experience, especially in a professional sphere that’s marked by employment flexibility and the strategic importance of the employer brand.

It’s the HD department’s job to support this change by facilitating your employees’ tasks and by making them more responsible, so as to better induct them into the company and improve collaboration and productivity. It’s all about involving employees as true stakeholders in your business transformation.

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On the path to personalising relations with your employees

In a world where companies are facing recruitment difficulties, increasing employee demands and new ways of working, employee engagement is crucial to business development.

Our Employee Engagement business solution empowers our clients to develop a collaborative corporate culture and address key personnel administration needs with one primary objective: personalising the employee/employer relationship.

This business solution has 3 components:

A collaborative self-service intranet portal that interfaces with your personnel management solutions to provide a tailored, paperless employee journey.

In-house communication tools to enhance your company documents. Simplify access to HR information and processes while complying with data confidentiality

native MS Teams interface to facilitate in-house collaboration.

“What’s the purpose of Visiativ Workplace?” To allow employees to focus on what makes their business valuable, rather than spending time searching for information.”

Willemin Macodel

Olivier Haegeli

Chief Executive Officer

Learning from our customers

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Willemin Macodel
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Willemin Macodel

Increasing productivity

Willemin Macodel

The challenge: Eliminating non-value added tasks by digitalising administrative processes.

Solution: Visiativ Workplace

Benefits: With a central access point to information and all processes, Willemin-Macodel has achieved huge productivity gains, notably by reducing a process that used to take a week to complete to a mere 1.5 days.

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Developing a community identity


The challenge: Developing a sense of belonging to the Accédia group within SAFIR following the take-over by Accédia.

Solution: Visiativ Employee Portal

Benefits: In its digital transformation process, the Accédia group is prioritizing the deployment of a group-wide intranet to create a common identity with all the recently acquired entities.

Making employee mobility and teleworking easy

Legros TP

The challenge: Making all data (project and HR) accessible from anywhere.

Solution: Visiativ Employee Portal

Benefits: With Visiativ Employee Portal, employees always have access to the data they need to monitor their project sites, regardless of their location. In teleworking situations, this empowers every employee to access his/her HR data such as holidays, pay slips, etc.

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Share your experience with peers

Being part of the economy of the future means thinking in terms of “ecosystems” to extend your expertise and enhance your deployment.

The Visiativ Innovation Platform

The Employee Engagement solution is one of the 10 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Platform.

The Visiativ Innovation Platform is a unique and innovative tool that empowers SMEs and MMEs to identify their performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap and deploy tried and tested solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

Visiativ helps SMEs to accelerate their innovation processes, improve their competitive position and meet their commitments in terms of sustainable development. We are trusted consultants with a genuine capacity to implement solutions in a collaborative and experience-sharing economy.

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