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Deliver 24/7 omnichannel customer service to facilitate interaction with your customers and resellers.

Transform your customer experience with omnichannel customer service 


Whether your BtoB customers use your products or sell them on to other customers, they demand a web space for self-service and discussion. Visiativ Customer Service is the business solution that allows you to manage your customer relations and your distribution network across all channels: web, mobile, sales force.


Centralising data on the same platform and digitalising processes makes for instantaneous communication, improves the efficiency of support services and promotes products or spare parts sales... for a new customer experience.


With Visiativ Customer Service, you deliver a high value-added self-service customer portal to your customer, reseller and distributor network that’s accessible 24/7: an effective lever for satisfaction, loyalty and generating revenue.


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Benefits of omnichannel customer service

Stay connected with your customers 24/7

Easily manage your after-sales procedures 

Easily share technical and marketing materials 

Make it easy to identify and order products or spare parts online

Optimise your outcall management 

“As part of our international development strategy, it’s crucial for our customer service to be accessible anywhere in the world, regardless of the time zone. Visiativ Customer Service lets us offer our customers and resellers a 24/7 online experience and services, regardless of the country. This allows us to be very responsive to their requests.”



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With Visiativ Customer Service, you can easily share information with your customers, distributors and repairers through dedicated 360 views.Your customers can access all their documents, across all terminals and on the move. 

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With Visiativ Customer Service, you can easily share information with your customers, distributors and repairers through dedicated 360 views.Your customers can access all their documents, across all terminals and on the move.

With Visiativ Customer Service, you keep your customers and resellers up to date on your latest news and provide them with key technical and marketing documentation.

Using Visiativ Spare Parts, the interactive spare parts catalogue, your customers can easily identify the spare parts they need and order them simply by placing them in their shopping cart.Like this, you build customer loyalty and generate additional income.

With Visiativ Outcall Management, you simplify your outcall scheduling by digitising report management and validation, and by facilitating your technicians’ jobs, both in online and offline mode.Your customers can think ahead of the preventive maintenance actions that need to be carried out. 



Visiativ Customer Service for the Manufacturing Industry


Visiativ Industry Customer Portal: Easily share information with customers, distributors and repairers and manage your after-sales procedures

Visiativ Spare Parts Catalogue: Easily identify spare parts

Solidworks composer: digitalise your technical documentation

Visiativ e-commerce B2B Industry: Ordering spare parts or products

Visiativ Outcall Management: Simplify the way you schedule your outcalls 



Visiativ Customer Service for Consumer Goods


Visiativ Consumer Goods Customer Portal: Easily share information with your customers and resellers, and provide after-sales service to your distributors

Visiativ e-commerce B2B Consumer goods  Order components, products and deliver repair services

“Today, Visiativ Customer Service lets us analyse our machines, find out which type of machine has the most problems, and then improve our products. All production sites have access to the information centralised on the platform. We can also draw up quotes directly from the portal, for spare parts for instance.”

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Omnichannel customer service aims to unify the customer experience across multiple channels (web, mobile application, sales force, customer service, field technicians) by integrating them into a single system.It provides a 360-degree view of interaction with each customer, thus empowering companies to respond to requests more efficiently.

Just like the BtoC market, BtoB customers habits are changing.They expect a seamless journey across all contact points, wherever and whenever they want.Allowing them to contact you on the channel of their choice whenever they want to will have a positive impact on their customer experience and on your image.

Omnichannel customer service comes with many benefits:you increase your service productivity, capitalize on your customer intelligence, increase their satisfaction by responding rapidly reactive to their requests, plus you generate new revenue.

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e-commerce B2B

Visiativ b2b e-commerce Consumer Goods

Go digital and boost your sales with e-commerce

Developpe your BtoB e-commerce site for your resellers to offer them an omnichannel and personalized sales experience 24/7.

Visiativ BtoB Commerce

Visiativ b2b e-commerce Manufacturing

Develop a new relationship with your professional customers

Maximise your BtoB sales with a e-commerce site for your resellers to enable ordering processes and offer personalized experience 24/7.


Visiativ Manufacturing Customer Service Portal

Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

A portal accessible 24/7 which improves spare parts orders and customer relationship. The customer journey is personalized, response times is optimized and services available are multiple.

Portail Service

Visiativ Consumer Goods Customer Service Portal

Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

Increase customer satisfaction with an efficient customer service available 24/7 and increase your quality of service.


Visiativ Spare Part Catalog

Easy acces to your catalogue and technical documentation

Share technical documentation of all manufactured equipment to facilitate identification of spare parts, and reuse existing documentation in PDF format and CAD models. A secure extranet space in order to make it easier for your customers to maintain equipment and replace spare parts.