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Transforming your customer service into a profit centre.

Revolutionise your service offering and increase the operational efficiency of your outcalls.


Most manufacturers maintain worldwide presence through a network of distributors, resellers or dealers or directly with their international customers.

The challenge facing any Customer Service is how to provide real-time, 24/7 responses to requests for information on products or maintenance follow-up for equipment whose downtime is less and less acceptable.


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Moving towards a personalised after-sales customer experience

Our Customer Service business solution empowers our clients to improve their customer satisfaction, boost spare parts sales and ramp up team efficiency with one key objective: transforming the after-sales service into a profit centre.

This business solution relies on several components to:

Deploy a 24/7 self-service gateway to easily communicate with your customers, distributors and repair specialists with Visiativ Customer Service Portal: increase control over their machine base, manage warranty procedures, and centralise and track customer requests

Putting your spare parts catalogue online.Make it easy to identify parts based on existing 3D technical documents in the design office and increase order intake with Visiativ Spare Parts Catalogue.

A shared portal that delivers digital continuity, without any data retrieval, between design, purchasing, production and the various players in the product life cycle.

“As part of our international development strategy, it’s crucial for our customer service to be accessible anywhere in the world, regardless of the time zone. Visiativ Customer Services lets us offer our customers and resellers a 24/7 online experience and services, regardless of the country. This empowers us to be very responsive to their requests.”

Arnaud Thieulin

Chief Executive Officer

Learning from our customers

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Enhancing manufacturing processes for customised installations


The challenge: How to share feedback on our machines and pool solutions.

The solution: Visiativ Customer Services

Benefits: We use the portal to analyse our machines, find out which type of machine has the most problems, and then improve our products. All production sites have access to the information centralised on the platform. We can also draw up quotes directly from the portal, for spare parts for instance.

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Improving brand image vis-à-vis the customer



The challenge: Optimising the relationship to improve customer satisfaction.

The solutionVisiativ Industry Customer Service Portal

Benefits: Mecalac has centralised all its services onto a single 24/7 portal that provides access to technical support and an interactive catalogue of the entire product range, for spare parts and documentation.


Supporting our growth on the international scene


The challenge: Treat yourself to a 24/7 online multilingual customer service

The solutionVisiativ Customer Service

Benefits: The MarrelTech platform centralises all requests processed in real time and gives direct access to customers, a revolution for better communication and customer satisfaction.

How we don’t penalise our customers’ productivity


The challenge: Ordering spare parts proactively

The solution:Visiativ Spare Parts Catalogue

Benefits: The MyFarbal portal lets us view technical documentation, manage warranties, complaints, and support requests (commercial, technical, after-sales service, etc.). We also use it to view Farbal machines in 3D so that you can target the spare parts we need and get a suitable price quote.

“Today, Visiativ Customer Service lets us analyse our machines, find out which type of machine has the most problems, and then improve our products. All production sites have access to the information centralised on the platform. We can also draw up quotes directly from the portal, for spare parts for instance.”

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Martial Poulin

Information Systems Manager

Make the most of your product data right from the design stage onward




Customer Service Club


Make customer satisfaction your priority with the Customer Service Club!
Customer service is a pillar of your business: with the Customer Service community, enhance your customer service and deliver the best possible experience by developing your service offer.


The Visiativ Innovation Platform

The Customer Service business solution is one of the 10 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Platform. The Visiativ Innovation Platform provides a continuum of local services to SMEs and MMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive stance and meet their commitments in terms of sustainable development.

It empowers SMEs and MMEs to identify their key performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap, deploy tried and tested solutions and share their experience and know-how.

Designed for SMEs/MMEs that are limited by siloed applications, the Visiativ Innovation Platform will let you:

  • Initiate change through rapid, flexible, online and targeted diagnostics
  • Collect knowledge about the company, identify its current stage of transformation and involve managers and employees in upcoming changes
  • Identify performance improvement levers, build the right roadmap for the transformations required and roll out tried and tested solutions
  • Participate in communities of leaders, experts and users.

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