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Boost your sales with your omnichannel presence

Digitalise your customer relations and sales network to increase satisfaction and loyalty

With e-commerce expected to rapidly double by 2026, empowering your teams with the right digital tools is crucial and allows you to reach your main goals of increasing your sales though the many new sales channels, consolidating your customer community so as to reduce costs relating to orders and inventories.

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Towards omnichannel, reliable and integrated commercial follow-up for a high quality customer relationship

Our business solution empowers our customers with efficient sales tools they can use to build customer loyalty, reduce processing costs and increase the efficiency of their sales teams with one key objective: boosting sales.

This business solution relies on several components:  


    • E-commerce solutions and self-service portals aimed at manufacturers to increase product and spare part sales and enhance your customer service offer 24/7.
    • Applications for managing mobile sales forces designed for fast sales: save time and facilitate field reporting and actions aimed at customers.
    • Merchandising solutions for point-of-sale monitoring.

Build customer loyalty, Capitalise on your ERP.Enhance your customer services anytime, anywhere.Product repair tutorials for identifying spare parts.

Using the app, which also works offline: 360 customer view, diary, visit entry, order entry, shelf inventories.

Optimise merchandising in all your points of sale. Share the best in-store displays and increase product knowledge.

Develop, manage and activate your customers on a single platform.

“When I saw Visiativ Sales Force, I said to myself, “At last, a mobile ordering tool with an attractive interface that you can work with offline! The data is updated every day at midnight and noon. The morning's work can be transferred in the afternoon and the orders are processed immediately.”

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Laurent Toughli

Sales Manager

Learning from our customers

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Delivering an omnichannel experience



The challenge: Facilitating orders from the reseller network and meeting consumer expectations regarding product visualization

The solutionVisiativ B2B e-commerce Consumer Goods 

Benefits: 100% of the retailers send in their product orders through the platform for fast production and direct delivery to the consumers’ gardens.

Improve your customer intelligence



The challenge: Getting to know your customers and what they do 

The solutionVisiativ Sales Force

Benefits: Sales representatives focus on consultative selling because the customer’s orders and after-sales service requirements are analysed better, plus you save time sending them the right documents.

Giving your field sales staff the right tools to take orders quickly and easily



The challenge: Maintaining long-term customer relationships and making quick sales

The solution: Visiativ Sales Force

Benefits: Sales representatives now get access to the product catalogue, current promotional campaigns and a pricing engine that simplifies complex pricing.They improve the conversion rate and increase the average basket value. 

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Sales & Marketing Club


Boost your B2B sales by sharing best practices for better customer intelligence!

With the Sales & Marketing Club, we aim to unite people from different backgrounds and experiences to help you improve your sales through a 360° customer view, omnichannel sales solutions and effective merchandising.


The Visiativ Innovation Platform

The Sales & Marketing business solution is one of the 10 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Platform.

The Visiativ Innovation Platform is a unique and innovative tool that empowers SMEs and MMEs to identify their performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap and deploy tried and tested solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

Visiativ helps SMEs to accelerate their innovation processes, improve their competitive position and meet their commitments in terms of sustainable development. We are trusted consultants with a genuine capacity to implement solutions in a collaborative and experience-sharing economy.

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