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Experience extraordinarily sharp 10-bit colour with superb resolution. Boost your productivity by working on a large screen or across multiple monitors. Use a powerful USB-C™ connection to enable you to work quickly and de-clutter your workspace.


We've selected screens designed specifically for CAD to prioritise comfort, avoid eyestrain and give you the best image quality for your work. The new generation of HP Z CAD Displays feature ultra-thin bezels for multi-monitor configurations.


Display quality, brightness, viewing angle and resolution are all important on large screens. This is even more important when you work with CAD software such as CATIA and SOLIDWORKS on a daily basis.


All our screens are guaranteed for 3 years - 0 Pixel Defect.


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Visiativ is certified HP Gold Workstations Specialist (for workstations and printers) and HP Gold Specialist (for servers and plotters).




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