Visiativ PLM – Product Lifecycle Management


Boost your competitiveness by accelerating your product development cycle

Increase your capacity to innovate and the efficiency of your industrial processes


Faced with increasingly fierce competition, industrial manufacturers need to reduce the costs and time-to-market of products that have become more and more complex, combining mechanics, electronics, IT, etc., requiring closer collaboration between departments (design office, simulation, industrialisation, purchasing, production, after-sales service, etc.) and remote, multi-company teams.


PLM tends to optimise exchanges, particularly in the design phase, because it enables product information to be standardised and centralised in a neutral, secure space, and to structure relationships between project teams via processes.


With Visiativ PLM, the product lifecycle management solution, you can reduce your "time to market" by standardising your products while offering customisation to meet your customers' requirements. You improve your responsiveness by improving collaboration between all the players in the product development cycle.


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Visiativ PLM

They rely on us

“Visiativ PLM has become the single technical database for our information system at all Radiall locations. Visiativ PLM also delivers new sources of productivity such as automatic manufacturing file generation on paper or on-screen!”

Frédéric Agriodos

Information Systems Project Manager

The benefits of Visiativ PLM

Supporting product innovation and standardisationSupporting innovation

Optimising industrialisation

Centralising the management of all project activities

Enhance your CAD to promote product innovation and standardisation

Visiativ PLM Multi CAO

The Visiativ PLM range offers a multi-CAD PDM solution that provides a single document repository for product data, providing fast and secure access to all documents, version history and traceability of changes. The solution connects to all CAD systems (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Créo, Inventor, etc.), enabling designers to carry out a detailed study and definition of the product.


This Technical EDM enhances the productivity of the design office through effective collaboration, enabling faster functional validation of products.

Optimising industrialisation

Visiativ PLM

The Visiativ PLM range facilitates the interconnection between design and production, including industrialisation, purchasing and production. The same data is managed in specialised business nomenclatures: eBOM and cadBOM evolve into mBOM and xBOM, which adapt to purchasing and production constraints by synchronising with the ERP.
Industrialisation is made easier and manufacturing files are anticipated, with instruction sheets and operating procedures accessible to all.

Make it easier to manage industrial projects

logiciel PLM

Increase the success rate of your projects by making it easier to gather information, particularly on constraints and requirements. Project progress can be shared more easily with external parties, in particular customers and suppliers, and with internal multi-disciplinary teams for greater agility.
Simplified planning improves the management of milestones and deliverables, as well as budget monitoring.

“Since we implemented Visiativ PLM at Latecoère Services, the preparation time for technical files has been reduced from 1.5 days to 2 hours! With CATIA and Pro/E connectors, our designers can work together on the same CAD project and share information in real time, from anywhere in the company.”

Christophe JACQUES

CAD Development Manager

Visiativ PLM benefits

Time saving

PLM focuses on managing the interdependence between product components and the overall product environment. By centralising all product information for the entire organisation, PLM ensures that everyone involved has access to the most up-to-date and accurate data, without wasting time searching for information. This centralised data repository eliminates redundancies, reduces errors and improves collaboration between different teams within the company, for greater agility when modifying and evolving designs.

Reduction in development time

  • Methods office technical data management
  • Provision of technical drawings
  • Exchanging BOMs with the ERP
  • Industrialisation BOM management (XBOM)
  • Managing production worksheets, processes, instruction sheets
  • Managing environmental standards and product impact

Industrial process automation

  • Project, structure and resource management
  • Action (Kanban), task and phases management on the Gantt chart
  • Project performance analysis
  • Full GED document management
  • Document exchange with the ERP
  • Forms management with office documents
  • Automatic filing from Windows

Optimisation of resources through interconnection with ERP

Integration between PLM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) enables a seamless exchange of data between these two critical systems. When PLM and ERP work together, it provides better visibility of business processes, enabling more informed decision-making. The unified management of technical data by PLM improves the performance of ERP, optimising the management of flows for manufacturing and logistics. This integration also reduces errors, improves productivity and enables better cost management thanks to centralised, accurate data.

Visiativ PLM offer


  • Visiativ PLM is deployed in companies of all sizes.
  • The solution is offered as an annual subscription for all company contributors, without distinction or limitation of functionalities.
  • We offer a packaged service tailored to the needs of each project. Deployment and project management packages are tailored to the level of interaction and autonomy required.

Visiativ Innovation Engine

Visiativ PLM - Product Lifecycle Management is a solution of Visiativ Innovation Engine.

Our cloud innovation platform offers a continuum of services for the digital, social and environmental transformations of SMEs and SMIs: services and solutions to plan, implement and manage your transformations, to enhance your competitiveness and business performance.

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