Recruitment: our commitments


Visiativ is committed to providing a candidate experience that is both unique and singular and without any discrimination.

All applications are received and centralized through a recruitment platform in order to guarantee equal treatment of each application, but also to allow more responsiveness and to provide an initial response to applicants within two weeks.

The recruitment team is committed to providing an answer to all candidates.




Recruitment in 5 key steps


You have applied for a job or internship/work-study offer and your profile has caught our attention. We will contact you for a first telephone exchange in order to validate the prerequisites (experiences, motivations and salary expectations). Depending on the balance between your expectations and our needs, we will inform you of the follow-up given to your application and, if necessary, the next steps in the recruitment process.

Job interview

During this discussion, carried out with your future manager and the recruiter, we will present Visiativ’s activity and values, the details of the missions and expected skills as well as the conditions of remuneration and the advantages of the company. It will also be a time to listen so that the manager and the recruiter can identify your expectations, understand your professional project and review your previous experiences.

Personnality test

In anticipation of our recruitment interview, we invite you, if you wish, to take our personality test online. The analysis of the results is proposed during the recruitment interview.

The response to your application

Within a maximum of one week after the last interview, we will keep you informed by telephone of the final response to your application.


You have accepted our job offer and we are delighted to see you joining our teams! The human resources department will quickly contact you to retrieve all the information necessary for your hiring.

How to prepare your job interview

The interview is above all a place of exchanges and meetings so be natural, smiling and transparent.



The objective is to get to know each other in order to find out if you correspond to the profile of the position sought but also to the values of Visiativ. To put the odds on your side, we advise you to prepare for your interview by finding out about Visiativ and the position to be filled.


During the interviews, you will discuss your academic background, your experiences and your motivations for joining us. Therefore, you must know how to talk about yourself and ask questions about the company and the position!


Before the interview, take the time to reflect on your presentation by asking yourself:

  • What experience(s) will I highlight during the interview?
  • What are my motivations vis-à-vis Visiativ and the position?
  • How do I differentiate myself from other candidates?

Our tips for a successful interview


During the interview, show up on time and in good spirits to avoid unnecessary stress!


À la fin de l’entretien, n’hésitez pas à poser des questions au recruteur afin de lui montrer votre intérêt pour l’entreprise et le poste.


At the end of the interview, do not hesitate to ask questions to the recruiter to show him your interest in the company and the position.


Good luck for your job interview at Visiativ!