Visiativ has always been a company open to its ecosystem. Over time, we have been able to create unique values ​​and forge a special bond between our employees, our customers and our partners.





“Companies at the heart of the community have a role to play that goes above and beyond their financial results (...) By leveraging this unique strength, we will all become joint champions and actors of transformation.”

Bertrand Sicot

Deputy Managing Director

Collaboration as a driver of growth 

Entreprise DU FUTUR

The Entreprise DU FUTUR community was born from the desire to unite leaders to support them in their strategic challenges of transforming their business. Thanks to an innovative system combining physical meetings (annual congress bringing together 4,500 managers) and digital platform (more than 19,000 members), Entreprise DU FUTUR responds to a strong demand for sharing experiences and meetings with experts in the transforming organizations.

Entreprise DU FUTUR


SWARM is a company with a mission whose objective is to support companies in their innovation and transformation towards a sustainable and responsible industry of the future. SWARM brings together a collective dynamic, cooperation, sharing and enhancement of experiences.


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Valuing French expertise, sharing best practices, imagining the future together: Visiativ makes it a point of honour to be a proactive member of its ecosystem.

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