Ecosystem and societal footprint

Visiativ has always been open to its ecosystem. Over time, we have been able to create unique values and forge a special bond between our employees, our customers and our partners; essential links to meet the challenges of tomorrow.





“Companies at the heart of the community have a role to play that goes above and beyond their financial results (...) By leveraging this unique strength, we will all become joint champions and actors of transformation.”

Bertrand Sicot

Deputy CEO

A company open to its ecosystem


SWARM is a real operational platform serving the value chain for the transformation of industrial SMEs and mid-sized companies in the region. SWARM’s mission is to lead an ecosystem to support regional companies in their innovations and transformations towards a sustainable and responsible industry of the future.

Entreprise DU FUTUR

This initiative, created and supported by Visiativ alongside a dozen founding members, is reflected in the implementation of a global platform to support companies in the evolution of their strategy; bring together and generate as many transformative collaborations as possible for growth and innovation.


Visiativ is committed to leading players in their field

The H+ Sport Partners Club


The H+ Sport Partners Club was founded as part of the major regional cause “Sport and Handicap” in 2018. Bringing together private companies, associations and foundations, this initiative encourages people with disabilities to practice sports. In 2019, Visiativ was one of the first companies to make a financial and human commitment with the H+ Sport Partners Club.


Handicap International (Humanity & Inclusion)


Handicap International provides aid to vulnerable populations, particularly people with disabilities, wherever in the world it is needed. Visiativ has been working alongside Handicap International since 2022, and took part in the Night of Solidarity Innovation co-organised by Handicap International.




WeeeFund is an association whose mission is to fight the digital divide and reduce electronic waste. It seeks to forge partnerships with companies and local authorities in order to recover their old computer equipment and then redistribute it to beneficiaries.

L'Entreprise des Possibles


A collective of companies committed alongside associations and public players, Entreprise des Possibles aims to help the homeless and the most vulnerable, in particular with the support of the employees of this network of companies. Their objective is to mobilize human, financial and real estate resources to amplify the action of associations on the ground.

Nouvelle Ère


Founded by Jean-Baptiste Hibon and Mirella Launay, Nouvelle Ère supports all types of organizations to succeed together in an inclusive society: from disability to the common good. Creator of the Corporate Human Relations Charter on Disability, signed by Visiativ in 2018, Nouvelle Ère supports us in our training and awareness-raising actions on disability.

Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL)


A foundation recognized as being of public interest since 2017, Fondation des Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) aims to provide financial support to projects deployed within HCL units. One of these projects aims to equip the pediatric neurosurgery unit of the Femme Mère Enfant hospital with an exoscope, offering a robotic visualization system (with the possibility of 3D visualization) integrating both microscopic and endoscopic imaging.

Robotique FIRST France


Robotique First France is the French partner of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Scienceand Technology) organization founded in 1989. Based in the United States, the organization designs accessible and innovative science and technology programs that motivate young people to pursue education and discover career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, while gaining confidence, knowledge and life skills.

Ecole 42


The purpose of École 42 is to train students and job seekers on IT and coding free of charge so that they are able to adapt to the constant and rapid evolution of digital technology. Since its creation in 2017, École 42 Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has offered innovative working methods with peer-to-peer learning and error-based learning, horizontal communication and correction between peers.

Ecole La Mâche


The École La Mâche Foundation trains young people on jobs in industry, construction and new technologies. Visiativ has supported the implementation of innovative educational, professional and technical projects, in particular as part of the STI2D high school curriculum (science and technology for industry and sustainable development). As 3D is at the heart of technical education, one of the objectives is to strengthen its use in education by acquiring equipment using this technology.

Université Catholique de Lyon


The proportion of young girls or women in digital training courses remains low worldwide. As a result, Visiativ is faced with a lack of female candidates, which automatically impacts their representation in the Company. To combat this situation this year, the partnership with UCLy focused on the desire to contribute to a scholarship aimed at promoting the orientation of women, young girls, towards these professions.

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