Chartered Accountancy

Facilitating and securing interaction with customers, increasing productivity by adopting digital tools


The chartered accounting industry is reinventing itself thanks to new high-tech tools. These solutions serve experts and are true performance levers: digital platforms, client portals, electronic document management software, etc. It is vital for the entire sector to understand them to reap the maximum benefits.


Digital technology makes it possible to connect customers, data and employees anywhere, securely. These dedicated chartered accountant tools are key to reinventing a business model, a new way of working and improving competitiveness.


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Key figures for the industry:

+30 000

annual recruitments by 2025

+20 000

practising chartered accountants


of accountants feel threatened by competition

New growth opportunities


Digital technology is finding its way into every business sector and the accounting industry is no exception. While some see it as a threat to their profession, digital is actually an ally and a real source of opportunities for professionals. In fact, digitalising and automating recurrent tasks allow the firm's employees to save time and concentrate on value-added tasks.


This rapidly changing sector gives accountants and auditors the opportunity to diversify their activities, namely by:

  • Developing consultative dialogue with their customers
  • Automating recurring low value-added tasks to optimise resources
  • Opening an online agency to curb costs and enhance visibility
  • Making client data easily accessible to personnel to improve the firm's responsiveness

Challenges in your industry:


Standardising business processes

Growing customer demands and tedious in-house processes are the core source of your business challenges in the digital age. Digital solutions for accountants are there to streamline, track and automate all internal and external processes. With these tools, you can turn these low value-added operations into an advantage.


Create proximity with your customers

The volume of information to be handles is multiplying exponentially; internally and externally, you must be able to process it and make it available. In fact, online services are becoming more widespread and customer expectations are aligned with their consumer trends. You need to be able to offer multiple contact points to turn your customer service into a true loyalty centre.


Embrace tomorrow’s accounting services

Customer expectations are adapting to society’s digital transformation. The administration is also incentivising the automation of accounting processes. Upgrade your practices to the web-native generation and stay ahead of the administrative drive to digitalise the business model.

Your priorities:


  • Achieving paperless accounting processes
  • Adapting to new tools and training employees
  • Implementing electronic invoicing by 1 July 2024
  • Improving customer communication, support and advice
  • Achieving “zero paper” and “zero delays”

Learning from our customers



The challenge: Digitalising the entire process at the employees’ request Solutions:
Visiativ Chartered Accountant Documents
Benefits:  Extremely easy to adapt to remote working, productivity gains, additional assurance elements (time stamping and rights management)

Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.


For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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Visiativ Accountant Documents

Digitalising your firm’s processes

Automate the organising and filing of your electronic documents by connecting your tools to dedicated accounting process platform.

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Visiativ Chatbot

Engage with prospects

Guide and inform prospects with a chatbot on your web portals. Our intelligent conversational software will interact with web visitors to guide them to relevant information.


Visiativ Cyber WAF

Protect and secure all your web applications

Block 100% of cyber threats immediately with AI, without your intervention and before they even reach your servers.