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Accelerating innovation in the Design & Engineering Office

Nurturing product innovation through an efficient design office and improved collaboration between all disciplines.

Industrial manufacturers must stay competitive in the face of global competition by designing complex products that provide an innovative experience for end customers. Design offices are under great pressure to accelerate innovation by increasing productivity and limiting design costs.

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Working towards eco-design and dynamic collaboration

Our Design & Simulation business solution is meant for design & engineering offices looking to improve their processes and encourage collaboration to shorten product development times, curb design costs and improve product quality.

Our solution spans several aspects:

Computer Aided Design (CAD) These are solutions developed by Dassault Systèmes – 3DEXPERIENCE, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA – that let you model your mechanical components in 3D and design your electrical and electronic systems. Now you can guarantee product data consistency, capitalise on your data and speed up the development cycle.


Simulation, using tools for optimising and validating your models built into your development process – SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION, SIMULIA – which allow simultaneous engineering between the design office and the simulation and calculation departments. Supports and accelerates your decision making without data discontinuity or loss of time.

Productivity tools increase productivity by reducing low added value tasks with partner solutions such as DRIVEWORKS for creating product configurators, or solutions released by Visiativ, such as the myCAD Tools suite for automating repetitive actions, reducing the risk of error, training or supporting your design issues.

Mechatronics, robotics, electrical: design complex products and machines.

Set standards to reduce design times for future projects.

Evaluate your product and machine performance, reliability and safety in a very short time in parallel with the design process. Then simply visualise the results to support the right decisions and promote your expertise.

Save time at the various stages of your projects while complying with business rules, reducing material losses and facilitating production.

A 3D configurator generates variants of your products by automating design rules and creating manufacturing drawings and sales documents.

“With the Visiativ myCADtools from the Visiativ myCADservices Premium suite, we’ve reduced processing time for production launch by a factor of 3.”


Project draughtsman, GUELT Solutions design office

Learning from our customers

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Increasing productivity

Armand Moulet


The challenge: Automating information transfer for creating parts lists 

The solution: SmartProperties from Visiativ’s myCADtools suite 

Benefits: Fully integrated with Solidworks, the SmartProperties utility lets you rapidly create and modify a list of properties. This information can then be used to create a parts list, manage a note, retrieve the value of a dimension or fill in a title block. 

Promoting replicability


The challenge: Focusing the design office on creative and design tasks  

The solution: Driveworks, and Visiativ’s myCADservices suite: SmartBom, DocBundle, Data recovery 

Benefits: The design office has freed up 126 hours per year by automating tasks like compiling parts lists, manufacturing files and data recovery. 

Designing disruptive products quickly


The challenge: Designing complex products that combine several disciplines 

The solution: The 3DEXPERIENCE platform in cloud mode 

Benefits: As a collaborative platform, 3DEXPERIENCE is a mission-critical tool that operates through processes such as validation and versioning, which allows methodologies to be used that meet industrial standards and best practices that save time during ramp-up. 

Conquering new markets

Clix Industrie

The challenge: Reducing the cost and time of the tests necessary to obtain the evidence required by customers 

The solution: Simulia Abaqus for finite element simulation of composites. 

Benefits: Abaqus has empowered Clix Industries to gain speed and responsiveness. This new expertise will also support the development of a new product range tailored to a new market.

Make the most of your product data right from the design stage onward




Design & Simulation business solution products


Simulate the real behavior of your product

Shorten the evaluation process and improve the performance and reliability of your designs before physical prototypes are produced.



Design complex assemblies

Innovate with the most renowned CAD solution for manufacturing industry. Engineering products with real behavior for a unique user experience


Services for the Design & Simulation business solution

Visiativ PLM Diagnostic

Optimizing your industrial processes

Supporting your PLM deployment to achieve together the goals you have set for yourself


CAD Consulting

Accelerate product engineering

Closely work with our engineering experts to deploy CAD solutions and master tools and methods adapted to your work environment for a successful innovation strategy


Visiativ Simulation services

Opt for high value-added support to integrate digital simulation tools. Mentoring is based on support, exchange and learning around a defined project.


The Visiativ Innovation Platform

The Design and Simulation solution is one of the 10 business solutions in the Visiativ Innovation Platform.

The Visiativ Innovation Platform is a unique and innovative tool that empowers SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct a digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.

Visiativ helps SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive position and meet their commitments in terms of sustainable development. We are trusted consultants with a real capacity to deploy solutions in a collaborative and experience-sharing economy.

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