Purchasing and Operations

Tailored services to analyze purchasing organization, identify optimization levers and lead necessary transformations to quickly improve purchasing performance.

OVËUS becomes Visiativ Purchasing and Operations


In 2022, to continue and accelerate its development, OVËUS joins Visiativ dynamic and becomes the company’s Purchasing & Operations expertise. The merge with Visiativ was initiated in 2018 after a meeting between Laurent Fiard, president of Visiativ and Guillaume Carlier, founder of OVËUS, when synergies had naturally appeared. A rapprochement motivated specifically by:


  • mutual entrepreneurial values,
  • passion for customer satisfaction
  • team commitment,
  • conviction of the value of exploiting technological opportunities in servicing business digitization,
  • willingness and opportunity to widen consulting activities for SMEs.

Your challenges? Activate levers for a greater performance


Competitivity is key to your business development. Each year, the share of operating expenses increases in your budget. 9% is the average performance recorded over the last 12 months on all optimization projects managed by our consultants.


Tailor-made consulting to increase profitability


Expert in your sectors and with senior expertise, Visiativ boost private and public organizations to optimize their main expense items, generate cash quickly and support growth.



Supporting your purchasing transformation plan



Activating levers for a greater purchasing performance


Resources and skills

Ensuring success of your projects




Selecting and deploying relevant technologies



transformation projects
conducted each year

99 %

satisfied customers

40 %

Turnover growth
over the last 12 months

9 %

average savings
for your customers


recruitment planned
for 2022

20 %

of our projects
are global

Entrepreneurs involved for your performance

Guillaume Carlier DG Visiativ Achats Et Opérations

Guillaume CARLIER

Directeur Général

Fabien Scheltien Visiativ Achats Et Opérations


Conseil Opérationnel

Vincent Salvoni Visiativ Achats Et Opérations


Senior Manager
Secteur Industries & Services

Matthieu Petrignani Visiativ Achats Et Opérations


Senior Manager
Secteur public et associatif