Secure your data and your know-how by ensuring robustness of your IT infrastructure and involvement of employees in cybersecurity

The Visiativ program dedicated to IT security for SMEs


IT managers and directors: your issues


Are you not a tech player nor a big company with a large IT budget ? Main reason to approach cyber security with seriousness and pragmatism.  


Your main challenges are optimizing your IT infrastructure (servers, external backups, platforms, etc.) to ensure security, train your employees about cyber security, securing your entire business.

How can companies tackle this issue without hiring an expert in cyber security? Who can you call on and what steps should you take ? 


The first key step is to diagnose your IT security. 

With this pragmatic cybercheck, you'll know where and how to take action to consolidate your IT security.  

With Visiativ, digital transformation is synonymous with controlled development ! 


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In the digital age, IT security has become a key issue

61 %

of French companies have already suffered a cyber-attack

375 k

of additional cost generated

75 %

of these attacks are based on internal lack of knowledge

We are an expert company in digital solutions deployment for SMEs and industrial micro-enterprises for more than 30 years. We have more than 50 IT engineers in the field of system/network administration and cyber security, as well as ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and HDS (Health Data Host) certifications. 


Our proposal is therefore simple and efficient: to support you in carrying out a status report of your IT system’s security and to write a suitable corrective plan. 


The goal: to optimize and secure your digital practices to protect your business. 


Your strategic benefits


  • Get a snapshot of your company’s IT security 
  • Get an unbiased external, expert view of the industrial world 
  • Bring people together in a collaborative way 
  • Develop a digital roadmap in line with ANSSI (French National Information System Security Agency) recommendations and ISO 27001 standards  
  • Improve your IT security score and compare it with your peers. 




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