Digital Strategy

The opportunity to exploit the potential of digital to improve your company’s performance.

Entrusting Visiativ guarantees transforming yourself with a partner who understands you


As we are ourselves an SME, having been in contact with all sectors and industries for more than 30 years, Visiativ shares the specific strategies and issues that companies are now facing.


By working with us, you are investing in the co-construction of your company's future and sustainably consolidating your performance in an increasingly digital world.


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  • You run an SME
  • Your business uses digital solutions, whether they are ad hoc or regular, few or multiple
  • You are committed to preserving the identity and know-how of your company, to not distorting or destabilizing it, while ensuring its performance and integration into the world of tomorrow
  • You aim for more growth and fluidity every day
  • Crisis have revealed the need for proper control and true consistency between the digital tools, even on a small scale
  • You are open to the idea of analyzing your company’s digital maturity, both internally and with regard to your competitors
  • You are in favor of a digital transformation, provided it is explained simply and in practical terms, while striving to achieve clear objectives adapted to your business.
  • A digital transformation is ideal, as long as your employees are on board and it increases your capacity for innovation
  • You want to act and transform your company, while mobilizing reasonable and/or limited financial and human resources
  • If experts support you in this digital transformation, they must be someone with whom you see eye to eye, someone who will listen to you and who can exchange with the same language. An expert who knows the issues specific to your business and immediately understands those of your company.


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Major step in your digital transformation, we firmly believe in the accelerating power of a transformation diagnostic. Applied to the whole company as to one of its businesses:

Transformation Diagnostic

Maximizing your business performance



Engineering Diagnostic

Reliable product development


PLM Diagnostic

Optimizing your industrial processes


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For a pragmatic, 360° approach of your business


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Consulting Expertises


We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).



Secure your data and your know-how by ensuring robustness of your IT infrastructure and involvement of employees in cybersecurity.


Purchasing and Operations

Tailored services to analyze purchasing organization, identify optimization levers and lead necessary transformations to quickly improve purchasing performance.