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With the advice of Visiativ's additive manufacturing experts, find out which industrial 3D printer is best for your company and reduce your manufacturing costs. Based on our recommendations, select the right printer for your needs and get training on it.


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Imprimantes 3d professionnelles Markforged

Markforged 3D printers


Markforged 3D printers are revolutionising the way products are designed, developed, tested and manufactured.


They combine reliability and precision to suit professionals, manufacturers, designers and engineers in every industry. Markforged is revolutionising the world of 3D printing by producing strong mechanical parts and reducing production time and costs.


Imprimantes 3d industrielles Formlab

FORMLABS 3D printers


Formlabs 3D printers put digital manufacturing at everyone’s fingertips, for all types of projects. The brand offers a range of high performance SLA and SLS 3D printers dedicated to professionals in the mass production and engineering sectors.


Formlabs’ powerful and affordable 3D printers help you turn your ideas into visual and functional prototypes or proof-of-concept models. The wide range of resins available allows you to choose the right material for your project.


From rapid prototyping to finished parts, Formlabs 3D printers produce high quality parts fast. Purchasing a 3D printer means saving time and money on the production of your parts.


A solution for every industry :

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Automotive – Aeronautics – Cosmetics – Jewellery – Robotics – Technology – Research and Development – Medical

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High-performance 3D printers at affordable prices

Produce your prototypes and specific parts with affordable, industrial-quality 3D printers.

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Range Markforged

Print strong and robust parts with ease

3D printers designed for professionals to print solid, robust parts.

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