Is sales digitization for me?

Sales and consumption patterns are changing: a real opportunity to seize!


End consumers are consuming less yet better, with high demands for quality and traceability. Supplies are becoming more localized, and second-hand and after-sales repairs are becoming more widespread.

Whether in terms of merchandising, sales, marketing, after-sales service or quality, it has become an accepted fact that retailing is facing new challenges – particularly phygital and omnichannel sales, data management and the focus on eco-responsibility – that need to be integrated to improve performance. So is the digitization of your marketing cycle an opportunity? We can’t stress it enough—yes! We see clear evidence every day. So how can you define a strategy and move forward in practice?


Retailers, manufacturers, distributors of consumer goods: your challenges today 


  • Do you manage or supply numerous points of sale, in a complex network sometimes spread over several geographical areas, managed directly or via a multi-brand third party, with varying regulations? 
  • Are some of these outlets 100% digital while others are barely digitized?  
  • Is omnichannel more or less integrated by your employees, your sales force and/or your distributors and retailers? 
  • Are your customers, suppliers, service providers and end consumers consuming less yet better, with high quality and traceability requirements?  
  • Are supplies becoming more localized? Are second-hand and after-sales repairs becoming more widespread? 


All these observations = 4 major challenges: 


The omnichannel 

  • How do you smoothly manage an activity with multiple sales channels (physical stores, e-commerce, mobile commerce, drive-through stores)?  
  • How do you improve the B2B customer experience in an omnichannel context?  
  • How do you transform omnichannel into a sales growth lever and a customer loyalty vector?  



  • How do you take advantage of a constantly increasing volume of digitized information?  
  • How do you centralize data and use it to act in real time in order to simplify processes, improve the customer experience and increase productivity?  



  • How do you meet market expectations by improving the traceability, conformity and quality of your products and offers?  
  • How do you promote transparency?  


The human factor 

  • How do you involve your employees in this digital transformation by ensuring that the most is made of these tools?  
  • How can you communicate better with your stakeholders?  

A connected marketing cycle: immediate and cross-business benefits  


Digitalization means a wide range of solutions to be tailored to your needs and objectives: a connected B2B service portal, mobile order-taking applications, a collaborative Intranet, commercial CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SFA (Sale Force Automation), planograms, quality management, 3D merchandising, VR and modeling tools, etc. 


Fostering a wide range of performance: 

  • Financial 

Time savings; reduced costs, errors and processing times  


  • Logistics 

Real-time management of orders, inventories, supplies and restocking  


  • Commercial 

Improved customer experience through fast automated data processing  


  • Human 

Digital tools for your employees and your customer and supplier relations   


  • CSR 

Streamlined monitoring of standards and responsible initiatives 

Visiativ’s solution for consumer goods: user-oriented digital solutions  


Simplify and streamline your business to gain in confidence and fluidity 


Visiativ works with many consumer goods sectors:  


  • Food and beverages 
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals 
  • Household equipment 
  • Fashion and sports 
  • DIY and gardening 


Your business, our solutions  


  • Merchandising | Improving the performance of your sales areas 

Adopting the appropriate digital tools to optimize your merchandising strategy, adapting it to each store and making it a reality by improving the performance of your sales areas. 


  • Sales & Marketing | Connecting your sales force to customer and product information to improve the quality of advice offered  

Equipping your salespeople, including the sales force in the field – the key element in customer relations – with digital solutions capable of facilitating their job in an omnichannel context.  


  • Customer Service | Boosting your B2B sales and building customer loyalty  

Meeting the needs of your network of retailers and distributors with B2B e-commerce: a connected self-service portal with an instant view of orders and inventories.  


  • Compliance management | Managing product quality and accountability  

Equipping yourself with intelligent tools for piloting product quality and traceability in order to comply with regulations, avoid errors and stay ahead of expectations in terms of responsibility.  


As a long-term partner with many of our clients, we work at your level. We lead business communities enriched by your feedback: a philosophy of co-innovation conducted with our partner clients, operational divisions and general management divisions. 


This expertise in IS, business issues and field experience is the foundation of our support.  


Like to know more? Are you wondering how your company can quickly benefit directly from the form of digital transformation that suits it best? With which tools? And with what kind of roll-out? We’re here to help you. 



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Purchasing and Operations

Tailored services to quickly improve purchasing performance.

We provide our clients with adapted services to analyze their purchasing organization, identify optimization levers and lead the necessary transformations to rapidly improve purchasing performance.



We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).


Visiativ Merchandising

Build an efficient merchandising strategy

Improve the performance of your sales areas through better control of merchandising. Together, let's build a merchandising culture deployed at headquarters and in the field


LeClub Visiativ

Learning from those who have made the digital transformation a reality

Moving toward the future, mobilizing employees for and around digital transformation means being bold and acting pragmatically. Directors who have done just that, share their experience here

e-commerce B2B

Visiativ b2b e-commerce Consumer Goods

Go digital and boost your sales with e-commerce

Developpe your BtoB e-commerce site for your resellers to offer them an omnichannel and personalized sales experience 24/7.


Visiativ Mobile Sales

Take orders in any situation to maximize your performance

Increase your mobile business and improve your sales performance with a mobile order taking tool linked to your ERP with integrated item catalog

Portail Service

Visiativ Consumer Goods Customer Service Portal

Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

Increase customer satisfaction with an efficient customer service available 24/7 and increase your quality of service.


Visiativ Chatbot

Engage with prospects

Guide and inform prospects with a chatbot on your web portals. Our intelligent conversational software will interact with web visitors to guide them to relevant information.

Visiativ CPQ

Visiativ Sales Force Automation

Increase business and boost sales performance

Making your sales team more efficient in managing all different distribution channels, speed up order taking process and appointement planning

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