Improve performance of your sales areas

Why you should take advantage of digital merchandising


Whether you’re a sales or merchandising manager, a sales director, a director, a manufacturer or a distributor of consumer goods, you will be no stranger to the challenges of merchandising.


Some questions you may ask yourself…


  • How can I optimize my store’s sales area to boost conversions and improve the customer experience in an omnichannel consumer world?
  • How can I place my products within my distribution network to ensure their visibility?
  • How can I refine my merchandising strategy and adapt it in real time to each point of sale, without overloading my staff?
  • How can I establish an effective and shared merchandising culture within my company?
  • How can I take advantage of the benefits of new 3D and virtual reality tools?
  • How can I effectively co-develop innovative stores?



And specific needs:


  • Defining and approving store concepts quickly and efficiently
  • Optimizing the customer journey
  • Managing and analyzing the data required to design planograms
  • Distributing planograms to each point of sale, taking into account their specific characteristics
  • Equipping and training employees in new digital tools
  • Facilitating collaboration between each stakeholder (head office, points of sale, suppliers, etc.)
  • Reducing the time-to-market
  • Measuring performance in real time to adapt the merchandising strategy


The answer to all of these challenges is to equip yourself with relevant digital solutions that can help you achieve your business goals while facilitating the work of your teams in the field.


At Visiativ, we know that digital technology should serve your points of sale and your employees, never the other way around!

Visiativ’s merchandising expertise

Working together to build an optimized merchandising strategy that can be implemented quickly


Visiativ listens to its partner customers. We know that embracing new practices can generate uncertainty: that’s why we’re here to support you at every stage of your merchandising process, from strategy development right through to rollout. We can help you integrate feedback from the field to bring together all the stakeholders involved and create a merchandising culture shared by all.


Our common goals? To make your job easier, to get you better results and to bring your employees on board.

Want to know more about My Concept Store and find out how Visiativ’s expertise can boost your merchandising culture and sales performance? Get in touch: our role is to support you!



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Visiativ Store Intelligence

Perform your merchandising

With Visiativ Store Intelligence Planning, deploy your strategy and spread the merchandising culture at headquarters and in the field.


Visiativ Merchandising

Build an efficient merchandising strategy

Improve the performance of your sales areas through better control of merchandising. Together, let's build a merchandising culture deployed at headquarters and in the field

Visiativ CPQ

Visiativ Sales Force Automation

Increase business and boost sales performance

Making your sales team more efficient in managing all different distribution channels, speed up order taking process and appointement planning



Develop your customer base

Winning new customers, engaging and retaining them means sustainability of your business. With CRM Marketing Spread, launch your marketing campaigns in 2 clicks