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Connected retail: what is it?


Connected retail is a sales team equipped with digital solutions that can optimize operations and therefore performance:

a B2B e-commerce platform or site, order-taking application, customer management portal, collaborative Intranet, commercial customer relationship management (CRM) tool, sales force automation (SFA) and more, to optimize the entire marketing cycle

Specific business needs to digitalize your sales approach in a targeted way:


  • Optimizing the sales force

How can I equip my sales team with digital tools to make their work easier?

How can I access sales performance analyses in real time?

How can I give my sales representatives access to all customer data to improve their work?


  • Improving sales performance

What tools can be used to facilitate decision-making in a highly reactive competitive environment?

How can I access inventories and replenishment in real time in order to tailor each sales call?

How can I speed up order processing for my sales administration team?

How can I avoid sales dispersion and loss of information?

What connected self-services should I make available to my B2B customers to facilitate order-taking and the overall customer experience?


  • Enhancing collaboration

How can I better connect with my ecosystem (customers, employees, suppliers) on sales issues?

How can I effectively share sales and marketing tools?

How can I consolidate corporate culture through intuitive and collaborative tools that are easy for my teams to adopt?




Responding to these challenges means rolling out the right digital solutions for you — solutions that support your business goals while facilitating the work of your teams.


At Visiativ, we know that digital technology should serve your business and your employees, never the other way around!

How Visiativ can help you digitalize your sales force


Visiativ listens to its partner customers. With more than 15 years of experience supporting digital transformation in retail, we know that embracing new technologies and systems can be met with resistance.

That’s why we’re here to support you at every stage of your sales process, from strategy development right through to rollout. Working together, we’ll build the digital maturity that works for you and help you integrate feedback from the field to bring your entire ecosystem together as one.


Our common goals? To make your job easier, to get you better results and to unite your employees.


Want to know more about our solutions and find out how Visiativ’s expertise can take your sales performance to the next level? Get in touch: our role is to support you!



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