Manage traceability from manufacturing to shipping

Managing the quality of your products and your responsible approach with smart digital tools

Why should you digitalize your traceability, compliance and accountability?


Traceability is becoming increasingly important in business and strategy.

Why? Because market expectations and production and consumption patterns are changing. Activities, standards and regulations are becoming more international, sourcing and product quality are being managed more closely, and the number of responsibility criteria is increasing.

Your objective in this context? To be able to collect, centralize and process all this data for optimized compliance management and a responsible approach.



Quality, traceability, compliance and CSR managers: the challenges you face 


  • Managing quality and meeting regulatory requirements in an international context 
  • Tracing products and being able to follow the production chain backward instantly in the event of non-compliance  
  • Centralizing, sharing and using data to monitor quality and achieve rapid and effective decision-making 
  • Ensuring the traceability and performance of responsible measures adopted by the company 
  • Demonstrating a transparent approach to your ecosystem  
  • Optimizing a position that improves strategy and visibility, a vehicle for your brand image 
  • Benefiting from digital continuity throughout the quality process: component traceability, product compliance, safety standards, repairs, after-sales service  


Specific business needs to manage product quality:  


  • Monitoring and handling a growing number of varied indicators 
  • Streamlining product control and information feedback 
  • Managing the quality of products before they are put on the market 
  • Measuring the quality and sustainability performance of suppliers 
  • Centralizing and updating product and supplier information in real time 
  • Complying with the different international regulations 
  • Driving and ensuring environmentally responsible standards  
  • Reducing processing time, minimizing errors and controlling costs 


The answer to all of these challenges is to equip yourself with a relevant digital solution, designed to help you achieve your business goals while facilitating the work of your teams.  


At Visiativ, we know that digital technology should serve your points of sale and your employees, never the other way around!  

How Visiativ can help you optimize quality management  

More fluidity, transparency and efficiency 


Visiativ listens to its partner customers. We know that embracing new digital practices requires understanding: that’s why we’re here to support you step by step, from strategy development right through to rollout. We help you mobilize your staff in order to create a quality approach shared by all. 


Our common goals? To make your job easier, to get you better results and to engage your employees.  


The advantages of our smart quality management system 


  • A complete, centralized, collaborative and secure service portal dedicated to quality management 
  • A shared document repository 
  • Real-time analytical monitoring of quality processes (traceability of non-compliance, management of action plans and audit planning) 
  • Dashboards and a view of key indicators 
  • Real-time information feedback tools  
  • Rapid and automated processing of product data throughout the pre-market life cycle 
  • A notification and task allocation system  
  • A space for information sharing and communication 
  • An ergonomic, intuitive tool that is compatible with your existing information system 


Want to know more about our compliance management solution and discover how Visiativ’s expertise can streamline and optimize your quality policy? Get in touch: our role is to support you! 



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