Deploy customer self-services

Rolling out a B2B customer portal to boost sales and strengthen customer relations

Why you should be interested in the new B2B customer self-service challenges


Is your network of resellers and distributors essential to your company’s performance? Then there’s no better reason to address the new needs of your sales network; needs generated by a digital and international environment with huge amounts of data at play.


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Reseller network management: responding to key challenges 


  • Building loyalty among your network of resellers and distributors in a digital and international context 
  • Offering flexible and collaborative solutions to facilitate their business and your interactions together (access to a B2B e-commerce portal with services available 24/7) 
  • Streamlining reseller relations and facilitating communications campaigns 
  • Transforming your resellers into ambassadors of your brand through improved customer satisfaction and collaboration 
  • Ensuring sales managers and sales administrators have a real-time global view of the collections, initial orders and restocking orders of their B2B customers 
  • Reducing costs, outstanding amounts and processing times linked to inventories 
  • Ramping up sales on all channels 


The answer to all of these challenges is to equip yourself with good digital solutions that can help you achieve your business goals while facilitating the work of your teams in the field.  


At Visiativ, we know that digital technology should serve your points of sale and your employees, never the other way around!  

Visiativ’s customer service expertise

Renewing customer relationships in the age of digital transformation


We have been supporting our partner customers for many years. So we know that customer service is key and it can be enhanced with a focused, seamless digital transformation integrated by your partners and employees.


Providing high value-added self-services to your network of reseller and distributor customers is a very effective lever to bolster their loyalty, reduce your logistics costs and increase your B2B sales:


  • For your network: a 24/7 online self-service portal for a streamlined customer experience
  • For you: marketing and loyalty tools to improve collaboration with your ecosystem


All these solutions are ergonomic, secure and can be integrated with your existing ERP system.


Want to know more about our solutions and find out how Visiativ’s expertise can optimize and revamp your B2B customer service? Get in touch: our role is to support you!



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