Mobilize your employees

Successful digital integration for a better employee experience

Employees, essential actors of change


Technological innovation implies benefits for industry and economy?


Yes : if and only if innovation is designed to ease tasks of your employees, empower them, better integrate them within the company and promote collaboration. Even more so in a professional sector where employer brand is key.


Like other professions, human resources are called upon to transform themselves and to engage in change and digital projects.


Managing this transformation and improving your productivity through digital technology means knowing how to mobilize your teams for employee experience and onboarding them as actors in your business transformation.


We have one conviction: human resources have never been more strategic than in the digital transformation era


Employee engagement and digital transformation : your HR challenges


    • Retain talent, improve attractiveness of your employer brand
    • Unify employees on change at each stage of their career in the company
    • Accompany change within the company
    • Improve productivity


And real business needs to transform human resources :


    • Optimization of HR processes 


How to digitize HR processes to increase efficiency ?

How to optimize administrative management of personnel ?

How to integrate new digital uses, training, employee involvement in human resources ?


    • Skills management 


How can you effectively monitor career path of each employee and offer them targeted support ?

How to train employees to new digital tools ?

How to simplify training management ?


    • Employee commitment


How to measure and motivate employees involvment?

How to manage communities of expertise and develop collaboration?


At Visiativ, we support you in this change at your speed, according to your needs and your strategic goals. It is your project and your corporate culture that guide discussions and deployment of our solutions.

Digital transformation: how Visiativ helps increase employee engagement



Visiativ: 30 years of expertise, a principle of co-development


We are ourselves an SME questioning digital transformation and performance in its transformation towards the future. Experts in Dassault Systèmes solutions, editor of digital solutions, we have made it our business and our added value. Beyond the experience acquired over the years, our support is based on an open, human exchange, at the level of our client partners.


We don’t give lessons : we discuss what makes you specific, we co-construct the most appropriate solution together and we support you in its deployment in the field.


Would you like more details about our support, discover our solutions, ask us questions? Contact us, we are here to answer you!



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Mobilize your employees

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