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Visiativ presents its new ambitions and launches 3rd strategic plan CATALYST 2023

New strategic plan

  • New Group organisation, based on an expertise platform
  • Governance renewed and strengthened
  • Financial performance: €30 million EBITDA targeted
  • Innovative HR strategy focused on the employee experience
  • Commitments to CSR and non-financial performance

As a new decade unfolds, Visiativ is delighted to present its latest development ambitions under a new strategic plan named CATALYST 2023. After AUDEO 2017, a plan completed in 2016 one year ahead of schedule, and NEXT 100, whose targets for 2020 will be reached by the end of 2019, CATALYST 2023 aims to consolidate Visiativ’s position as a strategic partner for corporate directors to accelerate innovation and the transformation of their businesses.

CATALYST 2023 sets out five priority areas of development for Visiativ: reorganisation based on an expertise platform, renewed and strengthened governance, new financial targets, implementation of an innovative HR strategy and further strengthening of CSR commitments.