Bring your HR into digital age

Our conversational solutions will respond to your challenges and facilitate the transformation of your HR Department from enhanced employee satisfaction and an improved employer brand reputation to increased team productivity.



Enhance the employee experience


Putting a smile on the face of your staff is just as important as putting one on the faces of your clients. However, it isn’t easy to satisfy every employee at the same time.


With the help of our AI and our decision trees, you’re assured of providing them with the personalized responses they expect.

Guide them more efficiently and offer them the best employee experience possible.

Develop the skills of your personnel


Visiativ chatbots adapt every conversation to the profile and habits of the individual employee.


This level of personalization makes it possible to guide and support your team members with responses adapted to their needs, while providing fully individualized proactive offers.


Analysis of the dialogue statistics enables you to understand their training needs at all times.


They can then be guided through new conversational scenarios and blended learning!

Free your HR team from recurring questions and requests

Are your HR experts overaun with repetitive inquiries with little added value? They can now rely on the help of the perfect workmate. Visiativ HR Chatbot automates answers to simple questions, providing immediate, personalized responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This way, you can focus true skills of your teams to work on strategic management missions and maximize the value of your company’s talent.

Take the augmented HR plunge


Visiativ chatbots are an incredible tool for launching or supporting your company’s digital transformation.


Technically easy to implement, this transformation nevertheless demands a genuine revolution in your organization: direct employee access to basic knowledge, transformation of the duties of HR managers and correspondents, involvement of all divisions of the company (IT, communication, general management, etc.) and more.


Are you ready for HR 3.0?

Attract talents of tomorrow


The digitalization of your HR Department and satisfaction of your employees are what will make your company attractive to employees of the future.


They modernize and enhance the credibility of your employer brand in an age in which quality of work life is a true motivating factor, when choosing an employment situation.


As a genuine recruitment channel, a chatbot facilitates application process through a personalized, humanized relationship.

It’s even better when we show you !


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