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Visiativ Chatbot Solutions, a pioneer in conversational technologies, offers an API connected to a complete, intuitive interface which is highly scalable and compatible with most existing systems.



Enjoy a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution


User-friendly Visiativ Chatbot interface has been designed for professionals in a diverse fields.


Quick and easy to master, the solution enables managing most aspects of the chatbot, including knowledge base, notifications and connectors.


This genuine solution allows users to link the chatbot to live chat and to manage multiple operators.

Track your chatbot’s performance


Gain in-depth insight into the experience of your users by tracking their interactions.


Take advantage of analytical data and a variety of dashboard options to measure the effectiveness of your chatbots in real time !


The embedded AI allows you to continuously enrich your knowledge base and fully implement machine learning.

Accessible chatbots


Digital technology is most effective when it’s adapted to day tio day use.


That’s why Visiativ chatbots are accessible from all user dialogue interfaces: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, web and mobile apps, as well as interactive terminals.


Available with or without voices or avatars, Visiativ Chatbot Solutions interfaces are customizable in order to offer the best solution according to the communication channel and contact point.

Take advantage of a chatbot that’s always up to date


Visiativ Chatbot solutions are based on a combination of open source technologies and proprietary modules.


Our open, adjustable API is compatible with most existing information systems, while remaining scalable and upgradable as new innovations are introduced in the market.


The Visiativ avatar can also be connected on external AI tools.

Ensure constant GDPR compliance


You should never compromise on security or regulatory compliance.


Available as SaaS or on-site, Visiativ solutions are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our engineers and consultants are very aware of the problems related to data protection.


Take advantage of their advice and the numerous features that are available on the platform to respect the privacy of your users and the confidentiality of their information.

Guarantee a 100% response rate


Visiativ Chatbot develops a full chain of conversational systems, including a complete bot, voicebot, live chat and a system for escalating inquiries from one level to the next (e.g. a human agent can take over for the virtual agent).


Our solutions are designed to make your users’ experience simple, fun and effective by offering a solution that’s adapted to their use, their needs and the different phases of their experience.

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