What if you endowed your chatbot with an avatar ?

Are avatars old-fashioned? We’d say they’re modern!

Effective at embodying a brand or service, avatars give a human face on chatbot technology. They personalize the relationship and facilitate the conversation.



Add an avatar to your chatbot


Let’s pair your chatbot with an avatar!


As an valuable part of our solution, Visiativ Chatbot avatar technology can be implemented in your existing bot.


This way you have the choice of using our technology complete with our avatar module or simply complementing your current bot with an avatar.

Animate client relationship with an avatar


Do you like human interaction? So do your users!


The good news is that an avatar meets his need by adding a wonderful human element. How?


Since 93% of communication is non-verbal, avatars not only speak, but are also expressive and animated, making the relationship feel more natural and accessible.

Boost your brand with an avatar


For your clients and employees, an avatar is a powerful branding mechanism.


As a bona fide virtual employee, your chatbot will be adopted as a colleague by your staff.

For your clients and partners, it will fully embody your brand, your products and your services, increasing the impact of your messages !

Create emotions


It’s possible to communicate by conveying emotions! Based on Visiativ Chatbot unique proprietary behavioral engine technology, the bot interacts verbally and visually.


With voice, postures, gestures and expressions, the avatar replicates all attiudes of a person to enhance relationship by creating a stronger impression of closeness.

Adopt the avatar that reflects your company


We have a gallery of more than 100 different avatars to choose from, so you can find the one that’s most appropriate for you.


However, you can also order your own!


Living Actor technology and know-how enables us to work with you as we custom design every element of your future avatar, including its look, face, expressions, values, voice and tone.

How about having Visiativ Chatbot create your avatar ?


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