Is industry digital transformation for me?


Identifying challenges of the Industry of the Future is a way of starting to tackle them



The Industry of the Future is not science fiction. All building blocks for Industry 4.0 and  industry of tomorrow are now within reach. Some are already in place, others are still to come. Now we need to let them interact, bringing them together using our digital solutions designed for industry.


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Whether you are a family-owned SME, an intermediate-sized company or a large group, what are your major industrial challenges?


Local anchoring


    • Encourage production on a more local scale, with products manufactured locally whenever possible, in order to (re)invigorate your region
    • Nourish your corporate culture and prevent the hyper-internationalization of value chain, which can be a source of vulnerability
    • Create sectoral networks for exchange and solidarity with your peers; think in terms of ecosystem




    • Increase your speed, responsiveness and flexibility to keep up with market demands and reduce time-to-market
    • Upgrade your production tools, encourage innovation and boost your exports in order to increase your profitability
    • Secure continuity of industrial operations to avoid production disruptions

Service marketing


    • Embed user experience right from the product design stage, developing services offer around your products


The human factor


    • Create loyalty among your customers and employees
    • Involve them in the adventure and place them at the center of your business’s digital transformation


The environment


    • Create, manufacture, sell and transport while devising new practices in order to minimize carbon footprint
    • Engage your company with pragmatism in the ecological transition
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The sum of these challenges is Industry of the Future!


Successful digitization of an industrial company is a prerequisite for success in all these areas. It is the link between environment and competitiveness, the human factor and technology, local anchoring and economic development.



The goal is to shape your own digital transformation


To be effective, your digital transformation must be done at your own pace and with your own image.

It’s not about transforming yourself. It’s about evolving.

It’s about equipping yourself with means to achieve your strategic goals so that you can be part of an innovative, dynamic industry and create added value and jobs.

Targeted support for the strategic functions in your value chain



Responding to challenges of each function will boost the company’s performance :


Innovation & design


Optimize design, encourage product innovation, strive for excellence.

To do this, meet the requirements of your design offices, and develop flexibility and collaboration.

Life cycle management & industrialization


Support innovation, reduce time-to-market, support industrialization.

To do this, improve management of product life cycles, and facilitate management of technical documents and project follow-up.




Accelerate the production phase, increase its reactivity and adaptability.

To do this, optimize resources and facilitate business synergies and communication between design offices and production.

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Sales & Marketing


Improve customer satisfaction, reduce order and inventory costs.

To do this, offer an omnichannel and personalized sales experience and implement a reactive sales approach.

Customer service


Improve the customer/distributor experience, transform customer service into a profit center.

To do this, centralize and share a maximum of high-quality information, and increase the efficiency of the after-sales service.

Regulations & compliance


Meet regulatory requirements, ensure the security of data, assets and infrastructure.

To this end, facilitate and improve the management of quality and compliance procedures.

HR and employee engagement


Support change, improve productivity.

To do this, mobilize your teams to achieve the best possible employee experience, involve them in the company’s transformation, and encourage collaboration.

Are you starting to see some solutions?

Do your challenges already seem better defined and more clearly identified?

Are you ready to embark on a controlled digital transformation process?


We’re here to help you.



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