Steer your industrial projects and product life cycle

Optimized management of the product life cycle: a driver of excellence in innovation and industrialization


One thing is true for many businesses, and for industry in particular: processing the data and information exchanged throughout the product life cycle represents a huge performance driver.


Why ? Because mastering the sharing and processing of technical data helps optimize processes, from innovation to industrialization, improves the management of day-to-day activities, and boosts overall productivity.

Today, this optimized product life cycle management can be effectively rolled out with the right digital integration.


We believe this is key to a successful digital transformation: proceed pragmatically, take account of your existing organization, and supplement it with the benefits provided by tailor-made solutions.


Every company forges its own digital transformation: there is no one size fits all! This is the expert support we offer at Visiativ.



Business line managers and executives: the challenges you face


    • Refining and streamlining the management of your industrial projects 
    • Supporting innovation and facilitating product standardization 
    • Simplifying project management  
    • Accelerating design, improving responsiveness to market demands 
    • Managing day-to-day tasks while meeting deadlines and minimizing costs and errors 
    • Facilitating technical communication between teams and business lines  
    • Facilitating collaboration with your ecosystem to improve customer and supplier satisfaction  
    • Reducing time-to-market and increasing productivity 




Specific business needs to optimize the management of your industrial projects :


    • How can all the data generated during the product life cycle (data, technical documents, design files, etc.) be centralized and processed online ?  
    • How can I ensure that the right documents and information are shared with the relevant people and businesses ? 
    • How can I manage access rights for my technical repository ?  
    • How can I share specific data with my ecosystem and automate this function (suppliers, customers, employees) ? 
    • How can I automate and configure the transfer of technical documents and data between the various tools ?  
    • How can I secure this data ?  
    • How can I avoid losing information and ensure that it is updated in real time ?  



Does your company require special treatment ? For us, this is a given. At Visiativ, we support you at your own pace, according to your needs and strategic goals. We’re on your level, armed with all our industrial expertise. 

Digital transformation: how Visiativ can help you optimize the management of your industrial projects


Visiativ : 30 years of expertise, a principle of co-development


We ourselves are an SME challenging the digital transformation and performance of an industry geared toward the future. We have made this our business and developed our own expertise.  


Beyond our extensive experience, our support is based on open communication with our partner customers. We don’t give lessons: we talk about what makes your business unique, we build the right solution together with you, and we support you in its technical rollout.  


Want to know more about our industrial support, discover our solutions, or ask us a question? Get in touch — we’re here for you!



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Steer your industrial projects and product life cycle

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