Improve customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction to strengthen your business

Why you should invest in customer satisfaction and streamline your methods


Is digital transformation impacting all industrial businesses ?


Yes — and in a good way, for both you and your ecosystem.


The area of customer satisfaction is a perfect example. Machinery manufacturers have a vested interest in providing their customers and distributors with as many services as possible designed to enhance their experience before, during and after the sale, right through to the supply of spare parts and maintenance.


Optimizing your customer service means securing and strengthening your sales, improving your productivity and reputation, and turning customer satisfaction into profit.


Integrating the relevant digital tools within your industrial processes makes this customer satisfaction evolution easier; tools chosen to be rolled out for digital continuity, which support and boost your activity without slowing it down or distorting it.


We believe this is key to a successful digital transformation: proceed pragmatically, take account of what you already have, and combine human and technological resources to develop the digital response that works for you.


Customer service managers, after-sales service managers, directors: the challenges you face


    • Transforming customer service into a profit center
    • Increasing the efficiency of your after-sales service
    • Improving customer and/or distributor satisfaction
    • Increasing productivity
    • Gaining notoriety



Specific business needs to improve customer satisfaction:


    • How can I simplify and optimize after-sales service management ?
    • What connected services should I offer my customers to make their journey easier ?
    • How can I easily edit and share technical documents and instruction sheets with my customers and distributors ?
    • How can I simplify the planning and management of technical interventions in the field and remotely ?
    • How can I streamline spare part orders ?
    • How can I improve equipment monitoring in the field ?
    • How can I interact better with customers ? How can I automate certain marketing tasks ?


Don’t know where to start or how ? At Visiativ, we support you at your own pace, according to your needs and strategic goals. We discuss things at your level, armed with all our industrial expertise.

Digital transformation: How Visiativ can help you improve your customer satisfaction


Visiativ: 30 years of expertise, a principle of co-development


We ourselves are an SME challenging the digital transformation and performance of an industry geared toward the future. We have made this our business and developed our own expertise.


Beyond our extensive experience, our support is based on open communication with our partner customers. We don’t give lessons: we talk about what makes your business unique, we build the right solution together with you, and we support you in its technical rollout.


Want to know more about our customer service support, discover our solutions, or ask us a question? Get in touch — we’re here for you!



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Improve customer satisfaction

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Develop a new relationship with your professional customers

Maximise your BtoB sales with a e-commerce site for your resellers to enable ordering processes and offer personalized experience 24/7.



Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

A portal accessible 24/7 which improves spare parts orders and customer relationship. The customer journey is personalized, response times is optimized and services available are multiple.



Guide and inform prospects with a chatbot on your web portals. Our intelligent conversational software will interact with web visitors to guide them to relevant information.